How to get to "Kuzminki"?

December 22, 2014
How to get to "Kuzminki"?

Moscow Metro contains 12 lines, including the ring and several radial branches. There are a total of 196 metro stations, but by the year 2020 some 78 more will be added. With such a high-speed expansion, it can be difficult to find the right direction, especially for a person who has recently found himself in the capital of Russia. This article describes how to get to the station "Kuzminki" by underground and ground public transport.

From train stations

Arriving at the Leningradsky, Kazansky or Yaroslavsky railway station, go straight to the subway. If you don’t know where to go, just follow the most part of the crowd, it’s just on the subway that goes down.

Here you need to carefully follow the signs and get to the ring line. Take the train and pass 2 stops to the station. m. "Taganskaya." After that, you need to go to the station "Taganskaya Radialnaya" (it is located on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line) and go straight to the station. m. "Kuzminki".

By bus

Get to the station. m. "Kuzminki" can also be buses. Route number 89, 99, 143, 143k, 159, 169, 169k, 655 pass by the Kuzminki stop. Don't forget to clarify whether the bus of your choice is headed in the right direction.

Trolleybus №74 also passes through this stop.

A bus with number 354 will bring you from the city of Lyubertsy, from the city of Dzerzhinsky - No. 347, 470, 595, 904, and from the city of Zhukovsky - No. 441.

How to get a taxi

If you are not too limited in funds, you can take a taxi. However, you should not choose cars located on the streets. It is better to call the dispatch service and wait for the driver, who is officially working in the taxi service. Such precautionary measures should be observed everywhere, and not only in Moscow. In addition, in the capital, many taxi drivers are poorly oriented in the city, and if you do not want to explain the way to the driver, it makes sense to be safe.