How to increase chest exercise?

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How to increase chest exercise?

Any beautiful woman always attracts the views of others. At all times, among the men especially valued female breast. The owners of the bust of a small size use every opportunity to increase the breast. Many have to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. But to go to extreme measures is not always right, because in addition to surgery there are other alternative methods for entrainment of the breast. One of these methods is to perform certain physical exercises. The main plus of such exercises is that they can be done without leaving home.

A woman's chest rests on the pectoralis major and minor muscles. The better developed the pectoral muscles, the more able to give the breast a beautiful shape. To train these muscles there are a number of exercises. In this article we will give examples of some of the most effective exercises to help increase the chest.

  • Stand straight, legs apart shoulder-width apart. Place your palms in front of you.Fingers should face up. The elbows are clearly at chest level. On “one, two” lower parts of the palms it is required to squeeze a couple of times, with “three” fingers should be turned to oneself, with “four” palms straightened, with “five” arms go down, with “six” arms folded straight ahead. This exercise is repeated 5-8 times.
  • Keep the body straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Hands bent at the elbows raise to the level of the face and firmly interlock the fingers. Further, with the help of sharp movements, we try to spread our arms to the sides. This exercise should be repeated 10-12 times.
  • Rest your hands on the floor and begin to raise your right and left hands alternately.
  • Stand up straight with legs together. At the “time” we raise the right straight arm up and move it behind the head (the arm muscles should be relaxed). We try to move the hand back as far as possible to the two, lowering the hand forward and down to the three. Exactly the same exercise is done with the left hand. The exercise is repeated 4-6 times with each hand.
  • Stand up straight. With a “soft movement” we raise straight arms forward, spread them to the sides with two, lift the palms up to three, raise our hands above our head and clap our hands to four, lower our arms to five On “six” we return to the initial position.
  • This exercise is very simple and quite effective. We carry out push-ups in the face-down position, the palms should be slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, legs slightly apart. Exercise performed in 5 approaches. The number of push-ups should be the maximum. Do not forget that the breath should be done while bending the elbows, and the exhale goes after the arms are fully extended.
  • For the next exercise, a sofa without armrests or a stool can be an ideal option. Lie down on your back and place bent legs on the floor. We lower the dumbbell behind the head, elbows should be slightly bent. Then we return to the starting position and straighten our arms. In this way, you can develop the inner part of the pectoralis major muscle and slightly enlarge the rib cage. The exercise is performed in 3 sets of 10-15 times.
  • Raising dumbbells over your head through the sides has an amazing effect. The fact is that this exercise fully engages the upper chest. Also lifting weights can improve the mobility of the shoulder joint and strengthen the shoulder girdle. The exercise is performed with palms up and sitting with a slight bias back.It should be done 10-15 times in 3 sets.

After a while, you will find that with this exercise you can increase your breast size. In addition to these, you can search for other exercises using the Internet. Recently, video tutorials that demonstrate the technique of exercises clearly and in detail have become popular.