How to insert a sim card?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
January 29, 2013
How to insert a sim card?

Each mobile phone has a SIM card, without which the phone cannot work on the network. In this article, we will help you learn how to insert a sim card.

How to insert a sim card in Nokia? Very simple! In Nokia phones, a sim card is located inside the phone - therefore, to insert it you need:

  • Turn off your mobile phone with a dedicated button.
  • Open the cover on the back of the device
  • Pull out the battery, prying it with a fingernail or something sharp
  • It is possible to insert a sim card with several options, depending on the model of your Nokia:
    • pry off a small SIM card cover with something sharp and insert a SIM card in the slots of this cover
    • If the SIM card slot is in the depth of the case itself, then you also need to pry the slot cover with a clip or toothpick and pull it out of the case. Pull out the plastic slot, put a sim card in it and just shove it back
  • Insert battery
  • Turn on the phone

How to insert a sim card in ipad?

Even easier than in Nokia! In the side of the iPad, there is a special compartment with a SIM card tray. When extracting a sim card, it allows not to do the analysis of the device itself.

In order to pull out the SIM card tray, you can use a special tool or a paper clip (toothpick). It is not recommended to use a needle, because it can damage the device of the phone.

Due to the fact that the device accepts only micro-SIM, our standard card cannot be inserted into it. To insert a SIM card in the iPad, you need to cut it manually or buy a SIM card cutting kit that will turn your SIM card into a micro-SIM.

Now you need to insert the SIM card back into the tray, and the tray into the device.