How to install a cooler?

In order for your computer to work quickly and stably, it needs high-quality cooling. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to check your fan, and you will surely see that it is dirty, and pieces of dust have gathered between the radiator plates, which are a barrier to normal heat exchange. Gently touching the radiator with your hand, you will feel that it is hot, so experts advise installing a cooler, powerful and new.

What is the cooler for?

How to install the cooler, we will look at a little later, in the beginning it is necessary to understand what the cooler is. The cooler is a kind of fan for the processor that does not allow it to overheat. When it comes to the gaming computer, you need to buy a really good cooler, because video games are considered to be the most resource-intensive programs today, which means that when you work with them your processor will be as busy as possible. Whatever computer you have, you need to remember that one cooler is not enough for you. Ideally, your system unit should contain three coolers,one for the processor itself, the second to take in cold air from the space around the computer, and the third, on the contrary, to “blow out” hot air.

Installing a cooler on the processor

The most accessible and popular models are coolers on aluminum and copper bases, as well as on a combined basis and with the use of heat pipes.

Before you buy a cooler, make sure that it is compatible with the processor installed on your computer. Before installation, check that on the side from which the cooler will be “pressed” to the motherboard, there is a necessary amount of thermal paste. Thermal grease should be applied in a thin uniform layer. If not, then you need to buy it. As a rule, thermal grease is sold complete with a cooler. If you do not know how to install the cooler correctly, then read this article or contact the master.

Each cooler is equipped with 4 legs that need to be installed in small holes located near the corners of the motherboard. It is necessary to make all actions extremely carefully and carefully.

After that, fix the cooler on the motherboard.You need to press on each of the switches one by one, but remember that you shouldn’t push too hard, because this can lead to a cooler breakdown. The fact that the leg is firmly and securely fixed, you will understand when you hear a characteristic click. The same action is required to be performed with all the other legs, otherwise the cooler will simply “fly out” from the motherboard. It remains only to supply power, for this it is enough to find the CPU_FAN connector, the wire to it comes with the cooler kit. Now you know how to install a cooler on the processor, and you can easily do it.

Installing the cooler on the case

If the existing cooling system does not cope with the task, it is possible to improve its properties. To do this, you will need to install additional coolers on the case. Before you install the cooler on the case, determine the installation location: inspect the case, its top and side covers, front panel, and end section. If the required holes are not, then you can make them yourself. The best option is to install an equal number of coolers for blowing and blowing.

First you need to bring fresh air from the outside, and then bring the hot air out.The best installation option: on the front and side panels it is necessary to install fans for blowing, and install a cooler for blowing in the upper and rear parts. This scheme will provide fresh air to all areas, and then effectively takes it outside.

In order for the cooler to work efficiently and silently, you should choose units with a diameter of 120 mm. The directions of air flow are determined by conventional arrows - one of them shows the direction of rotation of the blades, and the second - the direction of air flow.

When connecting the connectors, it is necessary to apply minimal effort, otherwise you need to think about whether the connector is selected correctly. After installation, perform a test run. Sometimes even a new cooler can whine, the reason is in resonance with the body. To eliminate chatter, you can install a gasket between the fan and the computer.