How to install parking sensors?

Parking radar is often called sonar, but the most common name is parktronic. Parktronic is called a device that facilitates the process of parking in the most difficult urban conditions. This device is especially popular among young drivers. But many experienced drivers, to the installation of PDC are very skeptical. Although it is noted that those drivers whose parking sensors were standard on the car, are immensely pleased with this extra gadget. Naturally, the driver's satisfaction from such a device is possible only when the parking sensors are installed efficiently and works well. But, how to install parking sensors?

Why do I need parking sensors

The main task of parking sensors is to inform the driver of the vehicle with the help of light or sound signals that there is some kind of obstacle in dangerous proximity, which is also located in the “dead” zone for viewing.Far from being a novelty and such Parktronic, which are equipped with special video cameras, which transmit the image of this obstacle or on a special display or even on the windshield of the vehicle.

For any model of vehicle, the basic scheme of the action of the parking radar is exactly the same, which does not make the owner think about how to properly install parking sensors when changing cars. Sensors (from two to eight) detect an obstacle using a standard ultrasonic signal. When an obstacle is detected, the wave makes a reverse motion to the sensor. The sensor transmits a signal through the electronic control unit. The electronic control unit is engaged in information processing. The type of obstacle signal that the driver receives depends solely on the type of parking sensors. This can be a visual signal, a sound signal, or a complex signal. At the same time, information on the distance of the vehicle to the obstacle is displayed on the liquid crystal display, if there is one. We will understand in more detail how to install parking sensors.

There is nothing difficult or incomprehensible in how to independently install parking sensors. After all, we install the other automobile “accessories” ourselves. All you need is free time and a standard set of devices. I am glad that at the moment specialty stores offer parking radar in such abundance that you unwittingly think about whether there are as many types of obstacles as there are parktronics.

Installation of parking radar begins, as usual, with the selection of the device. Here an important role will be played by such factors as financial capabilities, as well as the wishes of the motorist himself. It is best to talk with experienced motorists on this topic who have already encountered such questions and can give good advice. When the choice about the PDC model is made, then it's time to install it. You need to consult before installing a parking radar on the features of your particular vehicle model. The instructions that come with any set of parking radar very clearly and clearly explains how to install the parking sensors on the car.


  1. First you need to think about where to install parking sensors. The electronic control unit is located in the trunk. Space for radar can be in the wing, and can be located in a niche under the skin. This is absolutely not important.
  2. Then you should prepare the bumper, to start it should be washed. After that, the territory is marked by the number of future sensors. It is proved that the best option when there are only four sensors. Bumper markup do the usual marker, based on the parameters. For help, it is best to use a special PDC scheme, which is in the general package, where the minimum and maximum parameters of the device are indicated. Most often, the height from the ground does not exceed half a meter.
  3. In the bumper with a cutter you need to drill holes and install sensors. Most often they come in sizes with holes, but silicone or glue can be used for reinsurance.

The process of connecting sensors parctronic to the electronic control unit, and then to the monitor, is made clearly according to the scheme of parking sensors. The most important thing is that before leaving, it is necessary to test the parking sensors several times in different conditions in order to calculate all possible false positives, and also to understandwhen the best signal is about an obstacle. To think about how much it costs to install parking sensors, it is worth after the acquisition of all necessary. Good luck in the assembly and connection of parking sensors!