How to insulate plastic windows?

The mere fact of installing metal-plastic windows provides that the trouble in the form of blowing should disappear. After all, with the correct selection of the profile, the thickness of the package, ideally correct installation and adjustment of the window, the cold should not penetrate into your room by any means. After all, they put such windows just in order to maximize the preservation of heat.

But still, most of the owners who installed new windows, over time, begin to think about how to insulate plastic windows. Next, we will talk about the causes of insufficient insulation and methods for eliminating them.

Error profiles or glass pack

A big mistake to believe that the guarantee of heat is a thick profile. In fact, winter plastic windows lose heat after all through glass! That is why if you have severe winters, take energy-saving packages. They have sufficient thickness, sputtering, gas and do not have metal fasteners.

Wrong installation

Perhaps they have regretted the foam, and the gaps between the slopes are unpleasantly "ventilated", there may be gaps between the window and the window sill.If it blows from plastic windows, there is one way out, a radical one: do not warm the window, but reinstall it. If you are not ready for such serious actions, lay the gap sealant, it can be done independently.

If the foam deteriorates

After five or six years after the installation of the windows, the installation foam may start to get in trouble: it starts to crumble, crumble and no longer works as a good seal. Plastic windows can start to blow out because of spoiled foam earlier, if the slopes fit badly. In this case, everything is simple - you should remove the bad foam and fill the windows again.

Seals were poor quality

Bad rubber seals may also lose their quality over time and begin to let the chilling cold into your home. For this reason, even plastic windows inside are frozen through, if the temperatures outside the window are very low. Well, if your windows under warranty and you can contact the company with the legal requirement to replace the seals. If it is not, you yourself will have to buy seals and change them.

Sleeve does not fit base

This is the most common cause of this problem when blowing out of plastic windows.The sleeve is not tight enough to its base, and therefore through the seals cold penetrates, and sometimes even the real wind blows! No need to panic, this question is solved by the usual regulation, which you are quite capable of making yourself.

You will need a hexagon for furniture or ordinary pliers. Open the sleeve and right on it near the handle find the desired hole for the hex. Twist your instrument lightly in different directions, and you will certainly feel how exactly the size of the gaps between the sleeve and the base changes. Minimize the gap so that the seal is pressed tightly. The handle will also be very tight. It is not necessary to press too tightly, or the handle may simply break. Make adjustment by the same method, but now from the hinge side, in addition, so that the sleeve is pressed everywhere, and not just near the handles.

Wall shrinkage

It is not always necessary to blame the windows themselves and their installers. The appearance of cracks can be caused by a slight shrinkage of the wall itself after the installation of the window. In this case, you just need to adjust the fittings.

Easy way out

The last saving option, the most inexpensive and fast, is to apply the usual sticking of windows. Of course, it sounds somewhat ridiculous in relation to expensive windows made of newfangled metal-plastic. But sometimes nothing else is left! Just paste them with a special transparent film or scotch. She and the light will pass, and keep warm.