How to keep the youth and beauty of hands

Every day, the hands are exposed to all sorts of influences from the outside, which is not entirely beneficial for the skin. This particularly applies to UV radiation from direct sunlight, which leads to skin drying.
Frequent use of detergents containing chemicals provokes leaching of the natural fatty skin covering, which protects the body from the same overdrying, ingress of microbes and fungi, and much more.
Very hot or cold water has a negative effect on the skin, therefore the use of warm water is recommended.
Every woman wants to look beautiful and well-groomed, and her elegance’s business card is her hands, or rather their condition. Beauticians around the world offer a variety of hand care products. In beauty salons carry out various procedures for rejuvenation and skin regeneration. When choosing them, one should take into account the type of skin, age, presence of existing diseases, even the climate of living matters, as well as the type of activity. All means can not be universal.Therefore, you should choose the methods of skin care individually.
Popular medicine and cosmetology, the so-called "grandmother's recipes." Herbal decoctions, masks, natural oils, and more, when used properly, have an excellent effect on the skin and the entire body.
The fingers contain all the nerve endings, which confirms their sensitivity. A person is able to probe the smallest details of objects, touch to determine the quality of any materials, etc. But most importantly, in the hand of a person are concentrated zones responsible for the work of the organs of the whole organism. Acupuncture and acupressure of the extremities are widely used in the east. With the right click on certain points, you can calm the pain of some of the organs or, on the contrary, cause it. Stroking relaxes the muscles of the hands, leading them to rest after physical exertion. Also for relaxing the muscles is the use of baths with sea salt, essential oils, decoctions, which also has an antiseptic, wound-healing, soothing effect.
Be sure to monitor the condition of the skin of the hands and nails, then they will remain healthy and beautiful for a long time.