How to kiss for the first time?

How often you can see people kissing - in the parks, in the cinema, on the next bench ... And you do not know how to kiss properly. The first kiss should give a bunch of emotions and become unforgettable! Before you talk about how to kiss on the first date, let's talk about how to kiss you need to prepare.

Before kiss

  1. What kind of person is nice to kiss? With a well-groomed, neat and tidy. Probably, it is clear to you that for this you need to come on a date fresh, rested, in beautiful neat clothes.
  2. A prerequisite, if you want to leave a pleasant impression of yourself, is a clean and healthy mouth. Teeth must be healthy and clean, breathing - fresh.
  3. And finally, moral preparation! The first kiss is a pleasure, no need to strain and be nervous. It is clear that you will still worry, but there is nothing complicated and terrible in a kiss, so do not wind yourself unnecessarily.

And now how to kiss for the first time.Many, especially girls, are interested in whether it is possible to kiss on the first date. It all depends on what kind of relationship you want to get. If you are not just a pleasant partner, but seriously liked, and you want a long, strong relationship with him, then with a deep kiss it is better to wait until the second, and even until the third date. Relations in most cases are built in such a way that the faster the boy and the girl open to each other physically, the faster they lose mutual interest. First you need to know and interest each other spiritually. Therefore, on the first date it will be enough to kiss the cheek lightly. If a guy wants to show his gallantry and respect for the girl, he can kiss her hand.

If a person is just pleasant to you and you are not going to start a serious relationship with him, you can kiss on the first date.

Kiss technique

First you need to choose a moment and see if the partner is ready for a kiss. For the first kiss, a quiet place with no extra eyes is suitable, it is better if the situation is romantic. To check the partner's readiness, you can move toward him, hug, kiss on the cheek.If the partner does not move away from you, then you can try to kiss him.

  1. First, close your eyes and lightly touch your lips to your partner’s lips. If he has not withdrawn, you can continue.
  2. Kiss your lips more aggressively, you can also kiss the skin around the lips. Make sure that your lips are not very wet or too dry - most people do not like these.
  3. Lightly pull out the tongue and try to penetrate into the partner's mouth. If he allows, do it gently.
  4. The first kiss should not be sluggish, too energetic, too long or extremely short. Find the balance. The main thing is not to hurry, but not to do everything very slowly. When your tongue is in your partner's mouth, start gently caressing his tongue, teeth and palate. When people kiss, they mostly synchronously caress each other's tongues. In the kiss, you will quickly catch the general wave and understand how to move. Try not to lick your partner.
  5. No need to hold your breath, it only hurt. During a kiss, people breathe quietly through their nose. And so that this very nose does not interfere, place it at an angle to the partner's nose.
  6. Pat each other's tongues gently and gently. As soon as one of you begins to move away, the other needs to do it. The first kiss should not be forced.After the kiss is over, do not be embarrassed, because you both wanted it! Smile and hug each other!

That is about the technique of the first kiss. Kiss for health!