How to kiss on tomatoes?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
February 19, 2013

If you do not know how to kiss, it does not matter. This can be learned with the help of tomatoes. Of course, this kiss is deprived of that passion and pleasant sensations, but still a bird is better in the hands ... So how to kiss on tomatoes?

Where to begin

Choose a medium sized tomato, soft. The tomato must be ripe and fragrant. Of course, we all saw from childhood what a kiss looks like from the outside. Now kiss the tomato so that there is no dent left. So you learned how to make light and nice kisses!

What's next

Once you have learned a soft kiss, then you can proceed to more serious kisses. You need to kiss the tomato so that there is a small dent on your lips. You like a little sucking the crust of this delicious vegetable. Voila! You have already made a real, adult kiss on the lips.

It is not necessary to strongly focus their attention, since a kiss is a spontaneous matter and excessive control can only harm the cause.

We really hope that you understand how to learn to kiss tomatoes! We wish you a good time with your loved one!