How to knit earflaps?

Good old earflaps! Amazing model that fits almost all face types. Fashionable and stylish, or elegant and harmonious - they are always comfortable and, of course, warm. We offer several options for how to knit a hat with a needle.

Cap Russian beauty

For the manufacture of the model will need:

  • Yarn melange - 150 g (80 meters - 100 g)
  • 50 g of yarn 250 m - 100 g
  • Spokes the seventh number

The type of mating is “garter”, in other words, both purl and facial loops of the same type (on the face), without alternations. So, we proceed to work:

  • We combine melange-yarn with the main one and type three loops on the spokes.
  • In each subsequent row, we add one loop, until there are 15 on the spoke.
  • Knit about 25 cm garter stitch. It turned out "ear" caps.
  • Repeat the action for the second "ear."
  • We connect the resulting "ears": we throw loops of the left ear on the spokes, then we throw 14 more loops on them.
  • Then add the right ear.
  • We continue the garter knitting by another 12 cm.
  • Gradually narrowing the cap for the top: decreasing according to the scheme - 2 loops, tying them together into one, two knitting them further.
  • We knit three rows without diminishing the loops.
  • Now we create one more row, but in it we knit the remaining two loops.
  • Repeat the action three times. As a result, there should be three rows in which there were reductions, and three rows of complete ones.
  • Now the remaining hinges in one and - sew the finished hat.

Cap with a closed neck a la Shamakhan Queen

Despite the exotic name, the scheme of caps with earflaps is simple. To work on the product will require:

  • Wool yarn - 100 grams
  • Spokes Four or Five

Getting started:

  • We knit the hat itself: we put 64 loops into the spokes and knit three rows with garter stitch.
  • We knit a 14 cm length with the front satin finish (with this knitting, the front and back loops alternate in each row)
  • Cut loops. To do this, we subtract one after every eight, knitting along with the next. We work, while on the needles will not be 16 loops.
  • These 16 loops knit in two and tighten the thread.
  • Separately, we knit a backdrop: we throw 22 loops and sculpt about 14 cm with garter stitch.
  • Finished parts sew in the cap.

Cap with earflaps with fur

The same cap can be crocheted, but we will tell you how to knit a fur hat with knitting needles in a circle. For the manufacture of the model will need:

  • Yarn (of any chosen color) - 150 grams
  • Fur ribbon for decoration - 1 piece
  • Spokes "Sevens".

We start knitting future hats:

  • Knitting begins with "ears". To do this, we collect 3 loops and knit them with garter stitch. At the same time in each second row we add one loop, until the “eye” reaches 9 cm in width. Then, without adding, we knit a cloth 12 cm in length. We drop it on the knitting needle.
  • By the same principle, we knit another “ear”.
  • The visor is made in the same way.
  • Let's calculate how many loops you need to make a hat of your size. Combine both ears on the needles and add the missing loops in the back of the head. We knit 4 cm, add the open loops of the visor to the knitting needle.
  • Knit in a circle about 10 cm garter stitch.
  • We begin to reduce the loops: we knit every sixth loop from the previous loop, until there are ten loops on the knitting needles.
  • We tighten them on a thread.
  • We carry out a crochet cap on the contour (we make the posts without crochet) and decorate it with a fur ribbon.

We explained knitting hats with earflaps with knitting needles and described several schemes. All of them are simple, but the finished product based on them looks very stylish.Experiment by adding new colors, elements of binding and decor to the models. And the things you create will be just great.