How to recognize your saint?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
June 7, 2012
How to recognize your saint?

There is always a moment in life when you begin to think about religion, and then you remember that you must have your patron saint, since you are baptized, but you cannot remember it. We wrote an article in order to answer the question of how to recognize our saint. You will not have to fight this issue if you remember the name given to a child at baptism once and for all his life, and also if you already learn to determine who your patron saint is.

Who is the "patron saint"

Each person hopes that some invisible forces protect him. Apparently, this is connected with the desire to have its patron saint. However, it should be mentioned that the patron saint does not equal the guardian angel, which in fact must accompany a person throughout his life, this is an ethereal spirit. But there is still some connection. The fact is that the patron saint is the saint in whose honor a person is given a name at baptism. Previously, the name was given that way.The child was named after a real-life person, who was later named the saint, and the name was chosen by the name of the saint, whose memory was noted on the date nearest the birth of the child. That is, the memorial day of the patron saint was primary. Consequently, problems with the definition of his saint was not. How to recognize your patron saint today?

Definition of your saint

Now the situation has changed and if a person does not remember what name was given to him at baptism, they are repelled by the secular name given by the parents to their child. There is a church calendar called the calendar. There you need to find your name. The same name will be carried by one or more saints. If the saint with your name is one, then he is your patron. The day of his memory will be the day of your birthday. On this day, you should go to church in order to pray, confess, take communion, and order a prayer to your saint. If there are several saints with your name, then the saint whose memory day is closest to the date of birth is chosen.

If there is no saint with your name

There are cases when there are no saints with this person at birth.For example, this refers to the name Victoria. Then it is necessary to look for in the fair calendar a name similar in meaning. For example, for the Latin name Victoria, the Greek name Nick, which also means "victory," could become a substitute. If the analogue does not work out, then it is allowed to choose a saint at its own discretion.

We told you about how to recognize your saint or your saint; it remains for you to decide how to “get” your patron. The main thing is not to rely only on him in all situations of life, but to apply your own efforts, prudence, intelligence and intuition.