How to lay a bang

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How to lay a bang

Beautiful, well-groomed hair or simply hairstyle is an integral part of the image of both women and men. No expensive clothes, cosmetics or jewelry will not decorate a person if he has a dirty, greasy hair. The first hairstyle that catches your eye is, of course, a fringe. It can be long or short, straight or oblique. How beautiful to pack a bang - a question that worries all the fashionistas who dare to get it.

Why cut the bangs

Any bangs are not only a way to diversify a hairstyle, to make an image more interesting and attractive. Children cut bangs to the hair did not climb into the eyes. Also, with the help of it, you can correct some flaws in appearance:

  • Forehead too high;
  • Thin hair;
  • Scars on the forehead;
  • The elongated shape of the face, which will seem slightly rounded.

It is also noted that the short bang rejuvenates the girls: they look a couple of years younger, and the image becomes more romantic. Although some ordinary people believe that this element of hair will “forgive” any image.And many do not want to spend time laying. To avoid this, you need to know how to lay a bang quickly, but effectively.

Styling methods for women's hairstyles

Consider the most popular ways to design bangs in women's hairstyles:

  1. If short bangs are preferred:
    • Short hair length does not give such a flight for creativity and imagination. Most often, if the bang is cut, then so it is, in the form of growth. Here are the options for what to do with bangs - a bit.
    • BangIt is most convenient to lay a short bang through a curling iron, after applying a small amount of mousse or foam to the hair. And here two options are possible - to make it flat (“like straw”), or slightly twist it to the inside of the forehead.
    • A short bang can be stabbed to the side with hairpins or fixed with varnish. Learn more about how to stab a bang, you can find out by clicking on the link.
    • You can completely hide a bang (for example, if you grow it) using a rim or bandage. These accessories give the image of romance.
  2. Owners of medium bangs:
    • It can be divided by a common part, and the left and right parts can be stabbed on the sides;
    • A medium bang, erect, will interfere with the eyes. Therefore, this option is not suitable. You can collect all the hair near the bangs, and asymmetrically, using a curling or ironing, using styling tools, combed to the side. Here someone likes what: you can make it in the form of a wave, an oval or a curl.
    • Also bangs of medium length can be captured in a “ponytail”, securing with invisible hairpins and fixing it with varnish with strong fixation.
  3. Ultrashort bangs. This option is usually combined with a similar length of the entire hairstyle. In this case, the bang can be laid "tufted" or "hedgehog" with the help of mousse or hair gel. To do this, you need to put a little money on your hands and “brush” the hair with your fingers upward from the forehead. Also, a little bangs can be laid down and “icicles”.
  4. Long bangs. There are a lot of options:
    • Bouffant back — use a comb to fluff up the hair and stab the end of the bang at the back of the head.
    • Pigtail "spike" - bangs woven into a common hairstyle.BangAnother option is to braid a long bang into a pigtail framing a face that will look like a peculiar bezel. This is a great option for an evening hairstyle.
    • Curl bangs curling or curlers, creating waves on the sides of the face
    • Straighten curls that can hang loosely on the sides of the face or be laid behind the ears.

There are many options for hairstyles with bangs. On the Internet, for example, you can find detailed videos on how to lay a bang.

Styling methods for men's hairstyles

Men's haircuts have long ceased to be only short - "under the boy." Hair styling depends, of course, on the image of the guy. It is best to "work out" with your hairdresser or stylist options that are most to face. In addition, you can search for your style by viewing photos, how to put bangs in magazines or on the Web.Bang

Short bangs may not require any additional styling. This option is suitable for everyday life and business style. If a man is going to a club, on a date or a party, then hair styling products will help him — gels (there are special men) or mousses. The bangs can be fixed “whipped” upwards, like a cook, or slightly bevel it on one side.

Holders of a longer haircut can split the hair in part and align it closely with the surface of the head, again using gel, or you can simply lay all the hair on its side.This style is great for social events, when the dress code assumes a strict suit, tail coat or tuxedo. You can also "lay" bangs back, fixing it with varnish.