How to learn to fly for real?

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How to learn to fly for real?

From time immemorial, mankind asked a simple question: "Why do not people fly?". Famous inventors were looking for an answer to this question, inventing devices for flight, hover and slow fall. They studied birds and aerodynamics to create the right designs. And today we can fly on airplanes, jump with a parachute, soar with the help of a glider and use many other devices to feel like a bird.

Let us consider in more detail how today you can learn to fly for real.

Difficult preparation flights

To learn to fly on an airplane, it will take a lot of time to study with a real flight instructor and a professional pilot. In addition, it will cost a lot of money. If you are strengthened in your desire to be able to fly on aircraft, then you need to:

  1. Select the type of vessel. These can be different types of airplanes and helicopters.You can become either a professional military aviation pilot or a Boeing captain who transports passengers to the other end of the world, or learn how to operate a fire, cargo, passenger or military helicopter. The choice is yours.
  2. After you decide on the type of controlled equipment, it is necessary to find an air base or educational institution near your place of residence where you will be taught to fly. On simple types of equipment, short flight courses with practice will be required. However, for serious technology such as passenger aircraft, military helicopters, or fire aircraft, helicopters, you will need to study in an educational institution, especially if you want to then work for the company.

Training usually includes practice, theory and simulation flights on the computer.

More details about this will tell our article How to learn to fly.

Flying without complicated training

It�s quite difficult to call parachute jumping, glider planning, ballooning and other extreme sports, but you can. If in a balloon you can adjust the rise and fall to the ground, then with a parachute,glider and other planning, you just gently fall to the ground due to the special design of the suit or device devices for this.

Fortunately, for this kind of flight there is no need to pay for training, and you can try them at any time. Only a small briefing and monitoring of the instructor who will ensure that you do not get hurt during the flight will be required.