How to leave the apartment: paperwork, recommendations

How to leave the apartment: paperwork, recommendationsMany people at a certain point in their life face certain circumstances and think about how to leave the apartment? In general, this should be done in the FMS. So go to the passport office. But remember that for this you should provide a list of documents. Note that there can be no reasons for refusal to deregister. Demand this, claim your rights, or contact a higher authority.

What is needed in order to be discharged from the apartment?

If you are concerned about how to be discharged from the apartment, prepare the necessary package of documents. Not everyone knows exactly which papers should be submitted, so the issue of discharge becomes very acute and seems intractable. But in fact, not everything is as bad as it seems. In order to check out from the apartment as mobile as possible, you need to provide a list of such documents:

  1. First, take the original passport, which will be stamped, confirming your discharge.
  2. If you are a man, you will need to provide your military ticket - a document from the military registration and enlistment office, which will confirm that you are removed from military registration.How to leave the apartment: paperwork, recommendations
  3. Also, you will need documents for the apartment. If you are sure that all documents are in your hands, contact a specialist who will tell you how to sign out quickly and without delay. Note that the document on the sale, an extract from the BTI is not required. But the house should be with you, because it will include all persons who live in the apartment.
  4. Stock up on a certificate confirming the absence of debt on rent.
  5. If the person signing out cannot get to the passport office personally, then a power of attorney can be issued.
  6. There is another pitfall that often accompanies the question of how to leave the apartment. In the instances you may be required to prove and confirm that you have the opportunity to register on a certain living space.

How to leave the apartment without a personal presenceHow to leave the apartment: paperwork, recommendations

If you, for example, moved to another city and want to register at a new address, you do not need to go to the bodies of the FMS at the place of your previous residence permit.It will be enough for you to apply for a new registration to write an application for removal from the register at your previous address. Further, the FMS staff themselves will make the appropriate inquiries and take all the necessary actions for your statement. But remember, this procedure will require a certain period of time.

How to sign out of the apartment via the InternetHow to leave the apartment: paperwork, recommendations

Let's talk about how to check out remotely. Not every citizen knows that you can check out from the apartment via the Internet. But this possibility does exist. You need to refer to the Unified State Services website, which allows its registered users to conduct such actions online. Therefore, if you do not know how to sign out of the apartment via the Internet, click on the link and you will get to the section you need. Perform an operation that is characterized by mobility and safety. Do not worry that actions are done in an unusual way, they are legal!

What you need to do, and what operations to perform?

  • Register on the site;
  • set up your own personal account;
  • fill out the application form.

Thus, you can:

  1. To trace the course of operations.
  2. Get electronic versions of documents.
  3. Make a statement remotely.