How to legitimize the redevelopment made

You will need
  • - The consent of all homeowners;
  • - architectural project;
  • - design project;
  • - coordination of regulatory bodies.
In court, to prove that all the redevelopment works do not in any way violate the rights, as well as the legitimate interests of the people, and the redevelopment of your apartment does not pose a threat to the lives of your neighbors.
It is necessary to contact the designer who will make the design project, it will take into account all your wishes for the redevelopment of the apartment.
It is necessary to make an architectural project of redevelopment, it is also necessary to prepare documents that should be attached to the project. In addition, do not forget that this project has a validity period of 4 months. upon the expiration of this period it is necessary to commission the facility or extend the period of construction work.
After all construction work on redevelopment of your apartment,It is necessary to obtain an acceptance certificate for the work performed (this document has another name - the act of commissioning).
There are situations that may require a contract from an organization that removes construction waste, in addition to prepare a certificate stating that the gas pipeline was not affected during the work, as well as the location of the gas stove was changed.
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In the process of unlawful redevelopment, if the bearing walls were affected, namely, openings were made, arches, or even dismantled, it is worth preparing for the fact that such redevelopment cannot be legalized.
Helpful advice
To choose the right option for redevelopment of the apartment, which in the future it will be possible to legitimize, it is necessary to make a technical survey. This question relates to such redevelopment, which affects the supporting structure of the building.