How to listen to a voice message?

Svetlana Noskova
Svetlana Noskova
February 8, 2013
How to listen to a voice message?

The use of mobile communication, at the moment, is not only simple calls to friends and relatives, but also mobile Internet, and games, and many more interesting programs. When using so many options, the charge of the phone quickly sits down, and there is an opportunity to skip a call. Mobile operators have taken into account this drawback, now there is a service "Voice message". Simply put, this is a simple answering machine to which a greeting or additional number is recorded, in case the subscriber is unavailable.

Each operator uses its own method, or a specific set of numbers. There is also a detailed instruction how to listen to the voice message. But, in most cases, SMS arrives at the mobile phone, approximately, of such content: “You were left a voice message. To listen to him, dial the number 1111 ". Perhaps it will be a short number or contact center number. After dialing, you can listen to the left message.

Voice messages on Megaphone

For users of this mobile network, to listen to the voice message Megaphone, you need to dial 0525, then press the call button, and then 1. But before that, you need to activate the voice message function. You can also read the voice message and sent MMS message. In order to listen to it, the Internet service must be activated. Since the message will be downloaded from the server. Also, the cellular company Megafon provides a service for listening to a voice message from a landline phone. The cost of such a call should be checked with the operator.

Voice messages on Beeline

The operator Beeline, voice message is left in a special mailbox. Access, which is carried out using dialing to a short number 600. The message duration is approximately 2 minutes, and is stored in the mailbox for two weeks. Just like with the operator Megafon, you can listen to messages from a simple phone.

Voice messages on Tele2

In order to listen to the voice message from Tele2, you also need to dial 600. The notification received on the mobile contains not only information about who called, at what time, the presence of the number of messages left to the subscriber.It also contains a short number and a number for a landline phone, calling from which you can listen to it. Call charges should be checked with the operator, as the price may vary depending on the region.

Voice messages on MTS

You can listen to the voice message of MTS by dialing the short number 0860, in the region where the number was registered. This company can use additional authentication measures in the form of login and password for access to voice mail. This data is created when connecting this service. You can also call the public access number, which can be obtained from the operator of the MTS company.