How to make a car on the remote?

Some people even becoming adults have not lost interest in different games. Someone collects a designer, someone plays board games, and someone really likes cars on the console. Of course, this hobby has more adult character, in comparison with the children's. And many fans of typewriters dream of getting such an exhibit into their collection that no one in the world will have. Nothing is easier! Learn how to make the machine on the remote yourself.

First, you need to decide what parts will be needed to create a typewriter. So that you do not miss anything, below is a list of necessary components:

  • Electric motor or gasoline engine
  • Body
  • Chassis
  • Wheels
  • A set of screwdrivers of different sizes.

Doing the machine with your own hands, you can control the whole process of creation, and it means that you will get exactly what you have in mind. Plus, you will save money, and if you put a deal on a stream, you can make good money on it. First, determine the amount of money you can spend to purchase parts for a typewriter.The cost of the same types of components may vary depending on the material and quality of the product. Do you want to make a car on the remote control with a wire or on the radio? Here, when choosing, you need to take into account that the details for the wired remote will be somewhat cheaper.

Wheels and chassis

Now you need to provide a typewriter chassis. You can try to make it yourself, but it is better to buy ready-made in the store. Moreover, with the chassis and wheels are sold. When buying, pay attention to the quality of the product. The front wheels should turn with ease, and tires should be better made of rubber, because they give better grip.


Now you need to choose a typewriter engine, and this is perhaps the most important thing, because the motor is the heart of the car. You can use an electric motor from any technology, and if there is none, then again go to the store. There you can also buy a gasoline engine, which is much more powerful. True, you need to take care of him, buy gasoline, and it costs an order of magnitude more expensive. So it is worth staying on an electric motor, and it will save you money and time.

Remote Control

Now it's time to take control. If you decide to make a machine with a wired remote, do not forget about its main drawback - the car will move only at the distance at which it will allow, the length of the wire. If your choice fell on the radio control, then you need a radio unit to assemble the console. Despite the fact that it is not so cheap, it is better to buy it, because it will allow you to control the machine at a fairly long distance, which the antenna covers.


The next item is the body. Here you can show all your creativity, and make it yourself, after drawing sketches. Although this item can be purchased at the store.


Now we have all the necessary details, and we can proceed to the assembly. As a rule, detailed instructions are attached to the components. It describes the entire sequence of actions. Then do the adjustment of the motor and the installation of batteries and the antenna, and only then you need to attach the body and chassis.

Now you know how to make a machine on the control panel.