How to make a snow figure?

With the onset of winter, everyone begins to think about their favorite winter entertainment - making snowmen. This is certainly a creative process, but still, quite simple for an adult. Therefore, in order to show your imagination to the full, it is worth learning how to make snow figures out of snow. This process is much more complicated, and the degree of complexity depends on the shape and dimensions of the figure you are going to make. It is worth remembering that the creation of such a figure will take much longer than the modeling of an ordinary snowman, so set yourself up for this all day.

It is also worth doing a number of preliminary works. For example, before you make a snow figure, you need to make a sketch of it on paper, and it’s best to mold a small copy out of plasticine. So, you can approximately see what features of such a sculpture you have to display. You also need to prepare all the necessary tools. If you are creating a high snow sculpture, then its frame will need plywood.To handle the snow you will need a hacksaw, trowel, grater, scraper or saw. For the decoration of the figure you will need paints, food dyes and a spray.

Low figures

These are figures having a small height from the ground. Make them much easier than a tall figure, because one large continuous snowball is taken as a basis, from which the excess will be cut off. This is the best way to spend time with your child, because even he will cope with the creation of such a figure. Most often they are made in kindergartens, sometimes with children. Snow figures for kindergarten are animals and fairy-tale characters. These are hedgehogs, ladybugs, Kolobok, BoA from a cartoon, etc. And they are made mostly without a frame, therefore they are more durable and durable. The process of modeling figures is simple:

  • Roll a snowball or collect snow into one solid mass of the desired size. Maximum seal the snow so that it does not crumble.
  • To work with such a figure, you will need a hacksaw and a spatula, or a shovel. Imagine the work of a sculptor. You will need to act the same. Methodically you need to cut off the excess parts of the total snow mass to give shape.For example, this is a ladybug. Its shape is rounded, and the head is not separated from the body.
  • Depending on the surface of your figure, be it an imitation of wool, you need to use tools for decoration. A grater is suitable for this, for roughening, a narrow knife - for facial expressions and other small parts. Thus, the contours of the wings, head, and antennae cut through a ladybug.
  • Can be used for the decoration of ice inserts. These can be eyes or nose. Usually such inserts are made by pouring water into an ice mold. Before the water hardens, it tint dye. The result is beautiful colored ice pieces.
  • The snowy figures in the courtyard should stand out against a common white background, so they should be tinted. It is possible to paint the whole figure or its individual parts. So the wings of a ladybug need to be painted red, and the head black. The spots on the wings can be made black, but you can leave it not painted over.

Tall figures

For such figures need a frame. The best material for it is plywood or board. They are fastened between themselves with nails and wire. Therefore, it is worth remembering that making snow figures with a frame will not do without joinery skills.

  • For example, you have conceived to fashion Santa Claus for the holidays. Make a sketch and plan for creating the framework.
  • The skeleton is created using the skeleton creation method. All accompanying parts — arms, legs — are attached to the vertical base.
  • After the frame is ready, the snowy figure of Santa Claus is molded out of sleet. For this, water is poured into the bucket and snow is added. Stir to form a thick mass.
  • This snow mass is “smeared,” as it were, using the papier-mâché method. The procedure must be continued until the formation of the desired contours and volume. Since this process is long, you need to do it in rubber gloves.
  • After, let the figure freeze a little, and then proceed to the decorative work. Cut out Santa's face and facial expressions, his beard, hat and hair. Later - items of clothing.
  • The final stage is decoration.