How to make a snowman out of paper?

Joint fakes of children and parents is not only a pleasant pastime, but also the development of a child�s creative skills. The process of making your child handmade toys contributes to the knowledge of the world. In general, you can start making joint creative projects out of paper with children of three years of age. So interest the child, prepare the paper and start to fantasize and create. For example, a homemade snowman will be a great addition to New Year's souvenirs and decorations. A cute paper snowman can be made in various ways. If you do not know how to make a snowman out of paper, contact the world wide web for help. Here you will always find a lot of different options, detailed instructions, and even videos on this topic. The easiest way is to find a template on the Internet, print it on a sheet of paper, cut and, if necessary, connect the elements. But, it is much more interesting to create origami from paper. The snowman will be cute and funny.

How to make a snowman out of paper with your own hands

So, we proceed to the manufacture of a fake. Do not worry, a snowman made of paper is easy and simple. But before starting work, it is necessary to prepare all the materials from which the snowman will be made. The most important material is paper, which should be A4, for a snowman you will need four sheets and glue, which will help make the basis of the figure. In order to revive the future crafts, it is desirable to decorate it with additional elements using felt-tip pens, colored paper and fabric. The first stage in the collection of all materials is completed, and now you can begin the main work that requires attention and imagination. How to make a snowman out of paper? The main task at the first stage of the figure is to make the prepared paper soft, for this it needs to be crumpled with hands. Further, each paper sheet must be shaped into a ball by rolling the paper and bending its ends inside the form. The resulting three large balls will serve as the snowman�s body, and the last ball, divided into two small balls, will become his hands. The last important step is the creation of the basics of crafts.With the help of glue, you need to connect three large balls so that you get a torso, to which your hands are glued in the form of small lumps. A very unusual craftsmanship will be a corrugated paper snowman. The technology of its manufacture is a bit more complicated and takes more time. Corrugated paper is necessary to glue the base of the snowman, which can be made of inflated balloons of different sizes.

How and what to decorate a snowman

First of all, you need to emphasize the face of a snowman, drawing it with felt-tip pens. The nose in the form of a carrot can be cut out of orange paper and glued to its proper place. All other elements of the decor are designed for imagination and fantasy. If you wish, you can put a snowman on your head with a bucket, cut out and glued together from paper, or tie a scarf made of a triangle of cloth.