How to make a website?

The design of the site or its design reflects the overall appearance of this resource. It is this criterion that determines the future popularity of a site, because attractive appearance like visitors. The site design also shows visitors where they went - to the corporate website of a particular company, or a literary website, or an information portal, or anything else. Simple and correct design will help visitors navigate the site, and for this you need to know how to design the site. Proper design solves a lot, because Visual information is as important as textual information, and you need to keep this in mind.

Site design

Before you design the site page - the main and all subsequent ones, you need to know the general theme of the site and its target audience:

  • Each of the pages of the site should be directly related to the company or the general theme of the resource, i.e. have an identical appearance, creating a complete picture. At the same time, try to ensure that the site is unique and stands out from other resources. For this purpose, the design includes the corporate identity and characteristic colors of the company, the emblem and logo.
  • If you are thinking about how to properly design a site, then you should give up the animation, especially when developing a serious site. This will act as entertainment or cause an extra emotional load. In the opposite case, if the site is dedicated to popular goods or entertainment, then this effect will only attract visitors and add popularity to the service.
  • The design should be made attractive, focusing on the necessary details and the most important information on the site. You must also not forget about the features of the target audience of the resource. For example, a site presenting products for the elderly will look perfect using calm and soft colors. The general background of the page and its sections should be contrasting.
  • When designing the site you need to remember about the font size. It should not be too small or too bright. Letters should be large and clearly stand out against the background of the page.
  • You also need to remember about the different color settings of monitors for different people. But all the same colors should not be too different from the overall color scheme on the site.
  • Each of the pages of the site should be the same.That is, it is identical to locate the site menu and the information itself. Pages can differ significantly from each other only if there are different brands on this site.

Programming programming

  • After you have decided how to design the site, you need to start implementing your plans. This is done with the help of codes:
  • Typically, the site code is written in HTML, markup text documents. HTML language is quite simple, and even an ordinary user will be able to master it to create their own, not very complex websites.
  • Also for the design of the site using CSS, cascading style sheets. They serve as an additional means by which you can manage the information contained on the pages. CSS complements HTML and extends its capabilities. But CSS and HTML form only the layout of the appearance of the page document.
  • To implement more complex ideas, for example, design a guest book, or a forum, or search the site, other tools will be needed. To do this, you should know web programming languages ​​such as PHP, ASP, PERL or others.
  • With the help of web programming languages ​​they write special programs - scripts. Scripts are a sequential, defined set of commands aimed at performing certain operations or actions.
  • So, we can say that CSS and HTML are the basis on which the design of the site rests, and scripts written in PHP, ASP, PERL are the mechanisms that are located inside this framework. Web programming is much more difficult to master than the basics of CSS or HTML, but even there is a way out - there are a great many ready-made solutions. For example, ready-made scripts are distributed on the Internet, both on a paid and free basis.

Now you know all about how to design a site. We wish you successful development.