How to make a zombie in Minecraft?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
October 1, 2014
How to make a zombie in Minecraft?

Minecraft zombies are hostile mobs. They chase the locals and scare them. However, the bravest players tame them, and then use them for their own purposes. How this can be done is described below.

How to get your zombie in Minecraft

The easiest way to tame a zombie is to set a trap for it. But it is important to make it right. Only then can you become the master of zombies in Minecraft. It is necessary to do it as follows:

  1. First, sand shower is scattered in a perceptible place, which you can get in the Lower World.
  2. On it is laid out from the blocks of the cross.
  3. Further, the lower blocks are broken in such a way that a zombie can enter under them.
  4. A hole is also made at the top of the cross.
  5. After that, you only need to lure the zombie into a trap or wait until he himself gets into it.

Note that as soon as the hostile mob sets foot on the sand of the shower, it will no longer be able to escape.You can easily use it for your own purposes: for example, to make a zombie resident. This requires pouring an explosive potion on him, after which he will start to convulse, and then turn into a normal person. Or just leave the evil mob as a servant, who will obey you unquestioningly, completing all your missions.

How to tame a zombie with a mod

The “You are creeper” mod will help you tame the zombies, which can be downloaded here:. With it, you will get a whole army of souls. However, this will require becoming a Keeper. You will be such a hero right after the mod download.

First you need to kill the king, and then seize his crown. As a result, you will become the owner of 15 souls. With the help of such an army of zombies, you can attack the villagers and their enemies. A special compass will tell you about their location.

As you can see, it’s easy to acquire your own zombies or their whole army in Minecraft. Successful craft!