How to make brandy from moonshine?

The basis of this cognac is exclusively grape alcohol, obtained from white dry wines by the method of double distillation, and aged then in oak barrels for at least two years. In order to have the right to be called brandy, it must be produced only in France and only on the territory of two administrative districts - the Bolshoy and Malaya Shampany.

However, given that in the vast Russian open spaces, potatoes and beets grow much better than grapes, and homemade white grape wines, before distillation, usually do not survive, being successfully consumed in a young form, we will focus on how to make cognac from moonshine produced in their own kitchen from products less exotic than the Kolombar grapes. Of course, we all understand that it is almost impossible to make a complete analogue of Martel on our own, but to try to improve the taste of ordinary home-made moonshine every winemaker, who likes it, is quite capable of it.

How to make cognac from moonshine

The first recipe - closest to the original.

  • Stock up on strong and very well cleaned moonshine. You can clear it in one of the following three ways:
    • Add potassium permanganate to moonshine (ten to twenty manganese crystals are enough for a three-liter jar), stir them and leave the resulting pink solution for a few days. Gradually, moonshine will become absolutely colorless and transparent, and a precipitate will fall to the bottom of the bottle, which will need to be filtered through cotton wool.
    • Pound 4 powdered tablets of activated charcoal into powder, put it in a liter jar of moonshine and leave it for a while. Several times a day, mix the contents of the jar, after ten days, strain the moonshine through a cotton-gauze filter.
    • Pour homemade milk into moonshine at the rate of half a glass of milk per liter of moonshine and stir it well. When the milk is curdled, carefully strain the moonshine through a multi-layer gauze filter.
  • Find the nearest oak and cut off several small small branches that are stiff with it - they will serve as a substitute for oak cognac barrels.Cut the branches into chocks, which, after drying in a warm place, should be split into chips so that they then easily fit into the bottle of moonshine.
  • French winemakers burn the barrels from the inside before pouring alcohol in them - this enhances the characteristic taste and aroma of brandy. Therefore, dry oak chips should be lightly, not black, burn over the flame.
  • In this preparation of cognac from moonshine goes into the final stage - dip the oak chips in glass bottles, fill them with moonshine, and put in a dark place to infuse and ripen.
  • Now all you need is patience and patience again. Show willpower and let brandy stand for at least a month, then it will be possible to take the first sample, it will acquire the full flavor and smell only after six months of aging.

If you do not have time for such lengthy experiments, and �cognac� is needed in the near future, then there is a recipe for cognac from moonshine, which allows you to get a drink of quite acceptable quality in a relatively short time.

Second recipe - accelerated

  • Prepare three liters of moonshine and clean it with one of the above methods.
  • Add one handful of pre-assembled and dried walnut inner partitions to the bottle of moonshine (thin brown plates that separate the two halves of the walnut kernel).
  • Next, put there one spoonful of dry tea - black long leaf, preferably the strongest.
  • After that, 7 cloves, a tablespoon of cumin seeds and a tablespoon of vanilla sugar (just sugar, not pure vanilla!) Should be put in the moonshine.
  • At the end of the process, add a pinch of citric acid to the bottle, close it tightly and leave to stand at room temperature for 4-5 days.
  • After this time, homemade brandy from moonshine will be ready. It remains only to filter it and pour it into small glass bottles. Such a brandy, of course, has little resemblance to the original drink, but, nevertheless, it tastes much better than the moonshine from which you prepared it.