How to make hair fluffy?

To make the hair look attractive it is not necessary to go to a stylist or purchase all professional cosmetics for hair. You can take care of your hair and achieve the desired effect at home. Let's start with the fact that in order to give hair pomp you need to properly use shampoo and styling products. Such tools can work wonders.

If you use a shampoo that can give hair volume, then you need to use a special conditioner. Apply it to clean wet hair, then rinse with water. Owners of fine hair fit mousse to give volume. Apply it in a small amount, so as not to further weight the hair. For thick hair it will be enough to use the spray and comb your hair with a comb with rare teeth. After applying the product, slightly dry the hair with a hair dryer, but not completely, constantly massaging the hair at the very roots, as if directing it from the bottom up. For better drying of the lower strands, it is better to fix the upper ones with a clip.Hair can be screwed on a large round comb and pull up. It is better to direct the flow of hot air to the hair roots. After such drying, shake your head so that your hair can lie down naturally.

How to make your hair was full all day? After thorough drying, the hair can be screwed onto sticky tape, preferably coarse. It is better to do it as tight and high as possible. Leave them on the hair for about ten minutes, then remove the rollers, and whisk the hair at the roots. Now you need to apply a special styling, giving the hair elasticity and volume for a long time. Apply it to the surface of all the hair and very carefully.

How to make the hair fluffy if the curls are thin and dull? The whole secret is in the right shampoo. Prefer sealing shampoos. Also pick up the mousse, which increases the volume of hair, which lifts the thin hair, without making them hard. It is also good to use a spray to give elasticity with a light texture. And now we will consider a number of recommendations and means which will prompt how to make hair magnificent.

  • Special tools.For weak and thin hair, it is imperative to have funds that contain karamids, keratin, and panthenol. They envelop the hair with a thin film, giving the hair pomp.
  • Change the parting. When parted for a long time in the same place, the hair gets used and lies flat there. If you change the place of parting, the hair will be more magnificent at the roots.
  • Shampoo peeling. It is recommended to conduct a special peeling session for your hair once a week. Hair after such a procedure becomes fluffy and light, with the remnants of styling and care products removed.
  • Dry lightly. You can not apply funds for styling on wet hair, it reduces their effectiveness exactly twice. You must first dry the hair with a hair dryer, directing the hot air in different directions, and after that you can apply foam to the hair for volume and finally dry the hair with a hair dryer.
  • The less often, the better. Do not often resort to the use of "two in one". They are composed of substances that, after long use, begin to settle on the hair, making them heavy.
  • Easy spray.Gel, wax or balm are not suitable for fine hair, they can even have the opposite effect on them. It is better to process such hair during drying with a spray to give volume.
  • Down up. For long and medium hair it is better to apply the spray in this way - tilt your head a little and drizzle your hair from the bottom up.
  • Daily wash. Thin hair becomes oily faster than others and requires daily washing. On sparse and thin hair, sebum and dirt very quickly become noticeable. To give volume and energy to thin hair, you need to use shampoo to give volume.
  • Update styling. During the day, you can slightly moisturize the hair, you can also apply a small portion of foam or light styling cream and let it dry naturally.
  • Tie the "tail". Owners of long smooth hair can be recommended at night to tie a tight horse tail. You need to place it as high as possible - in the morning you will definitely have a magnificent head of hair.

All of these recommendations will tell you how to make your hair fluffy. Remember, even weak hair can look gorgeous.