How to make money without investment?

Consider the most common ways to make money without financial costs. They are not a guarantee of big money, but give extra income.


One of the most effective types of earnings that allows you to quickly understand how to make money without investments for a novice Internet user is copywriting (writing texts for filling websites) or rewriting (rewriting an existing material). They also include translation of articles from other languages. This type of earnings will suit any literate person who knows how to and likes to write, without making any mistakes.

On the Internet, thousands or even tens of thousands of sites are created every day. All of them must be filled with materials. Here are their owners and order writing articles. At first, earning a lot of money in this way may not be possible, but having gained experience, you will be able to support yourself and your family.

Surf the sites

In fact, it is the lowest paid work on the Internet, but it directly refers to the possibility of earning without investments. A person can work in this way without any training.In truth, with this method you will not earn much money, spend more time and nerves. But still this method exists.

Referral programs

Without investments, you can earn more on referrals. That is, to invite other people to various sites that pay for this kind of work. This type of earnings is remarkable because it brings passive income. You can go to rest in another city or country, but from this your income will not be less.

However, to earn a lot of money on affiliate programs, you need your own website, while it is well-advertised. But for this we already need investments. Therefore, at the initial stage, people can be attracted as part of an affiliate program via mail or social networks.

Domain resale (cybersquatting)

Excellent, but time consuming and at the same time a proven way to make money without investment. If you want to sell online, you can try your luck in cybersquatting. This, of course, is not selling products or clothes, but still interesting. How do cybersquatters work? They buy domain names with potentially profitable and prospective names, and then they are looking for clients (or they find them themselves) to sell them a domain.It happens that a domain is bought for a few hundred rubles, and sold to a future owner for several tens of thousands of rubles.

Of course, the further, the harder it is to find good domain names. It is already becoming hard to choose a beautiful and profitable domain, as many of them are busy. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to do this type of business on the Internet.

Freelance sites

Now we will tell you how to make money without investing on freelance exchanges. Everything is simple - you need to be able to do something. Usually on such sites, employers leave assignments, and remote workers (freelancers) perform them. Copywriters and rewriters (we mentioned them above), site designers, programmers, video designers, translators, content managers, and some other specialties are very popular. For example, if you have designer skills, you can earn it in this way.

File sharing

Some people earn on file hosting. This type of earnings consists in placing various information (programs, videos, games, music, etc.) on the file sharing service and downloading them by other users of this site.


Surely you heard earlier about this service, and perhaps you already have your videos there. But this site is a good way to learn how to make money without investments. So, you can earn on the video. For this you need your own channel on the site, unique videos, a contract with YouTube. When a video has a certain number of views, you can earn money from ad impressions from Google.

Paid advice

If you consider yourself an expert in a particular area, you can confidently offer people paid education. You can teach anything. For example, the creation of sites, promotion, playing the guitar, working with any program. You can do this through the same YouTube, via Skype, ICQ and other programs of this kind.

In addition to the above types of earnings, there are many more on the Internet that are considered less effective and are unlikely to bring you a stable and tangible income. These methods can safely include earnings on clicks, viewing ads, pyramids and network marketing, electronic casinos, free money on the Forex exchanges. As for the latter, you can earn here only if you are trained in investing and have a high starting capital, and not free 10-20 dollars, which are offered by the trading exchanges.In Forex, you can earn only through affiliate programs (referrals), which was written above.

How to make money without investing in real life? There are perhaps two options - to get a job or come up with a unique business project, and then find an investor who will invest his money in it. In order to get a good job, you only need intellectual investments. If you want to earn a lot, then you will have to work a lot to climb the career ladder.

In fact, good money comes only after considerable investments. So work hard so that you do not think about how to make money without investments, and open your own business for your own money, which will bring good profit.