How to make valentines with your own hands - master classes

Valentines with their own handsNow the popularity of valentines has reached great heights. And really, isn't such a way to declare love good? A card in the form of a heart is the ideal option to communicate your sincere and tender feelings. Typically, the message should be written with your left hand or try to change your own handwriting. To save the intrigue is better not to sign the valentine.

In the shops, if you try, you can find a very original and bright Valentine. However, the most pleasant to get a valentine, made with your own hands. Creating such a small miracle, a person puts into it a tiny part of his soul. I offer you unique workshops - how to create valentines with your own hands step by step.




DIY valentines with own hands - how to do it?


Often you can hear that Valentine's Day is not a Russian holiday, but does the origin of this celebration matter? The tradition of the exchange of valentines has already become very firmly established in our culture.



Shops specializing in souvenirs and postcards offer the most incredible kinds of valentines, starting from a standard postcard and ending with congratulations in the form of crosswords, puzzles and charades.

Despite such a wide choice of romantic products, lovers tend not to deviate from traditions and create valentines with their own hands.

It is very difficult to resist the cutest postcards in the form of hearts, which are usually presented on the day of St. Valentine. The charm of such cards, made with their own hands, is that with the help of these paper hearts people want to say about their love and tenderness.

It should be noted that the popularity of Valentine's Day is second only to the New Year and Christmas. Women buy valentines more often, they account for 85% of all purchased cards. Please your halves and do not miss the long tradition - on February 14 you should certainly present a beloved valentine. And best of all here fits handicraft.

These cute cards can be both an independent gift, and come bundled with another gift. Often, the one who gives the Valentine prefers to remain incognito, thus causing the recipient to seriously suffer in guesswork.


How to make a two-color valentine with your own hands


In this master class, I will show you how to make such a valentine. It can also be used as a gift bag.




We need paper of two colors, in my case it is red and white. If you want to use as a bag, it is better to take a cardboard. Valentine's sizes at your discretion. So, take the paper, fold in half and draw just such a scheme.



We cut the stripes with scissors.

Valentines own hands the master class






The first strip of white paper is skipped between red stripes. The next red is between white stripes, and so on.



Then we take the next white strip and do the same in a checkerboard pattern.

valentinki-svoimi- rukami-07






how to make a valentine with your own hands






Our first valentine is ready!

valentinki- svoimi-rukami-01


Valentines for interior decoration with your own hands

In this master class we will look at how to make such hearts for decorating walls, windows, curtains, and so on. I think your second half will be pleasantly surprised to see such a colorful decoration that will undoubtedly give a festive mood.



Valentines with their own hands to decorate the interior


From red paper cut hearts of various sizes.



We make such cuts here.



On the edge of the paper we apply glue and glue together, creating a bulge, as shown in the photo. Doing the same with all the other hearts.

Valentines do it yourself interior decoration master class




Attached to the wall with thin double-sided tape. If you plan to decorate the curtains, you can attach with the help of tailors' needles with a ball at the tip (they are also called a “hat pin”).

valentines on the wall


Pendant - a valentine in the technique of quilling yourself

Quilling - in our opinion, this is paper deformation, that is, the production of various compositions and ornaments from twisted special paper strips. In this master class I will show how to make this decoration - a pendant - a valentine with my own hands in the quilling technique.




We buy special paper for quilling.



We twist these spirals here.



We end the end of the strip.



We make these two spirals of different sizes.



And another small tight circle. Then, pressing one edge with two fingers, we give this shape, as shown in the figure.

valentics in the technique of quilling do it yourself


We collect the construction - we glue together all the elements.







valentinki -svoimi-rukami-27


How to make a pendant valentine video


That's it, our heart-shaped pendant is ready. If something is not understood, you can watch the video.

3 master classes - how to make a craft - a valentine from a dough with your own hands

Gift for lovers "Hearts connected by a golden thread of fate of Moira Cloto"

According to Greek mythology, the fate of people is woven with gold threads one of the three Mauri - Cloto. That is why we decided to add this element to the decor of our gift for the day of love, family and loyalty. Two hearts are tightly connected with each other by the very fate, which can be more romantic. It is not at all difficult to make such a craftwork with your own hands and it will take a little time, but what is the subtext! 01


You can make similar souvenirs from clay or buy plastic, but the most affordable and popular material was and is - salted dough. It is done very simply:

  1. Take a tablespoon and measure an equal amount of finely ground salt and any flour. We mix.
  2. You can add just water, but it’s better to mix it with 1: 1 PVA glue. At 2 tbsp. spoons of salt flour put 2 tsp of water.
  3. We knead the resulting mass well in a convenient container, and then knead it in our hands. We remove the package. After 10-15 minutes salt dough is ready to make a valentine with his own hands.




Getting Started: 1. Sculpt two flat hearts.Of course, you can roll out a layer of dough and cut out the figures with a special mold, but we don’t need a banal stamping. 03


2. We make prints on our blanks. We used an old openwork scallop, embossed buttons, knitted napkins, lace, or just intricately twisted strings would suit as well.




3. Before you send the product to dry, do not forget to make holes. Drying time depends on the thickness of the dough, ours dried for about 2 days. The process can be speeded up and baked hearts in the oven. If you redden too much, use this as a decorative technique and paint the flames.




4. We paint crafts. We did not gloss over the curls and only slightly shaded them, and mother-of-pearl only emphasized relief. Salt dough is well perceived by any paint, however, for some, it may be necessary to pre-primer, for example, for acrylic. Gouache, watercolor and even lipstick, fit perfectly.

5. It remains to tie the golden threads, each heart has its own. We bind them on the principle of chain links.



“Hearts connected by a gold thread of Moira Cloto” -you can decorate such a hand-made salt dough with a wedding photo. If you don’t have one yet, attach magnets to each heart and a gift for the day of love, family and loyalty will turn into an exclusive holder for love messages on the fridge - there’sn’t a day that we don’t look into it). ready-made valentines from the test


DIY photo frame "You're in my heart"

I suggest you make a photo frame with your own hands “You are in my heart”, it can easily become a souvenir on March 8 or a gift for the Day of Love, Family and Allegiance. And it is even more pleasant to receive such gifts made with your own hands just like that, from the heart and for no reason!


01 Frames are most conveniently sculpted from polymer clay or plastic, but for the “sample of the pen” we chose a more affordable material - salted dough. For its preparation, we need:

  • 1/2 cup of any flour
  • 1/2 cup finely ground salt
  • 1/4 cups of tap water.

After drying the product, the dough will become stronger, if water is mixed with PVA glue, some add wallpaper glue. And yet, after all the ingredients are mixed, the dough should be well kneaded in your hands and removed for 10-15 minutes in a plastic bag. It will become more plastic and homogeneous.


valentine dough


Let's start creating your own photo frame: 1. We make our heart in two parts. Dough rolled into sausages so that the middle was thicker than the edges. We connect them and give shape. We also sculpt a couple of small hearts, they will become pendants.




2. We flatten the workpiece. We did this with the help of a book wrapped in food film. Trim the edges. We got a small wave on the inside, decided to leave, so even more interesting. We sculpt another 3 tiny hearts, they will be joined in a row and will become the third suspension.




3. We make holes, three on the frame itself and one each on hearts-pendants. Tiny can not pierce. Once again, we critically evaluate our crafts made from salt dough, if necessary, we correct, smooth and send to dry.

4.We decided to add a frame decor and dazzled three small flowers on curved stems. The centers were made recessed, as rhinestones will be glued into them. Flowers must also be dried.




5. When all the gift items for your loved ones dry well and become hard as a stone, you can start painting. We used gouache. Pearl bloom is a very inexpensive eye shadow!




6. We work with super glue. We choose the most favorite composition with flowers, putting them in this and that way, then glue them. Do not forget the rhinestones! Cut the fishing line of the desired length. For each little heart without holes put on a drop of glue, put them in a row at the desired distance and put in the adhesive prepared line of the line.






7. We collect all parts of the frame. Threading the line in the holes, we tie all the pendants. The length of the fishing line is chosen arbitrarily, as you like. Choosing fishing gear, we expected to ease the composition and give the product lightness.It seems to have succeeded, although a thin chain would have looked no worse.




So the gift is ready, created with your own hands with a soul, and most importantly, in a single copy! If there is a lacquer in the spray can - well, its thin layer will give the product not only shine, but also protect the decorative coating.




Souvenir - a pebble with salt dough valentine (master class)

Making an original souvenir with your own hands is much easier than it might seem at first glance. We did our homemade salad dough. The figure is so simple that even a child can make such a cat with a heart. In addition, all the ingredients for the manufacture of such a gift, it is the most affordable materials.


Souvenir - a pebble with a valentine with his own hands


All we need is this:

  • One art. a spoonful of flour and salt;
  • one teaspoonful of water and PVA glue;
  • crayons, pastel or eyeshadow;
  • spray paint (if not, hair spray will do).

Let's get started. 1. From flour, salt, water and glue, we make a mass similar to dough.Thoroughly knead it in your hands.




2. Pinch off a small piece of dough and sculpt a heart. Flatten the remaining material and form a flat rectangle with elongated corners.




3. We send the workpiece to dry. You can force the process with the oven. 4. Turn the dried dough into a kind of stone. Dry the dye with your fingers rubbed into the figure. It’s not necessary to make a stone gray.




5. With a pencil, felt-tip pen or paints we draw a muzzle, paws and a tail on a pebble.




6. It remains only to glue the heart and spray the craft with varnish, which is not necessary.




Here is a souvenir made of salted dough with your own hands, made with love. Kitty pebble can become a magnet on the fridge, with which you attach a love note. They can decorate the box with a gift and it will be much more interesting than a banal bow. And if at the stage of modeling the figure is carefully holed, you get an exclusive keychain for lovers.


Souvenir - a pebble with a valentine with his own hands


Do-it-yourself Valentine's Day needleboard bed

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14Nowit’s timetimedecor.qualitydecormakeseveralfunnyflowers.Firstdomiddle.







19Nowyou canattachworking.likedgiftswith yourhands,addchocolatepostcard.A friendwilldelight.


knitted needle bed valentine do-it-yourself

DIY paper cards - 2 master classes with a photo


The next Valentine - so elegant and original, with a beautiful butterfly. It can also be used as a gift bag.


Valentine with a butterfly with his hands


The scheme can be downloaded here - Valentine with a butterfly.

We print and transfer to folded paper.



Of course, the color of the butterfly can be chosen any, in my case it is white and blue.



We make here such cuts to the middle of the butterfly. In one half - from below, in the other - from above on both sides.

Valentine card with a butterfly with his own hands master class


Putting the construction together - we put two halves into these cuts, first on one side, then on the other.









Well, that's all, a valentine with a butterfly is ready! I think it will look beautiful in red and white.



Original paper heart shape with photo


Another valentine in the form of a spiral.



Schemes of this valentine can be downloaded here Scheme 1 and Scheme 2.

We fold the paper of two colors in half and transfer the schemes, they are very similar, but different.



Cut as shown in the photo.

Original valentine with your own hands step by step




And we collect the construction, inserting the curls of the spiral into each other.










The history of the appearance of valentines

Valentine's Day refers to the old holidays, so overgrown with a whole range of stories related to the traditions of this celebration. How did the tradition of presenting valentines appear?

The appearance of written Valentines is usually attributed to the 15th century. However, who exactly became the author of the first such message is impossible to say. There is an opinion that the Duke of Orleans is the pioneer of this tradition, and it was in 1415.

At this time, the Duke was imprisoned, and he missed his usual environment very much. Most of all, he yearned for his spouse, and therefore began to create such cards, in which he sincerely described his high feelings for his spouse.In the British Museum, you can still look at the very first Valentine, which gave rise to such a glorious and enduring tradition.

Another theory of the emergence of valentines tells that the first such card was found in 1477 in the British library. This valentine was written by a girl who asked her lover to prove to her the sincerity of her feelings. In addition, she wrote that she would insist on a larger dowry, if a man agrees to start a family with her. This card was purchased from a family of librarians in the distant thirties. However, it became public only recently.

Valentine began to gain popularity closer to the 18th century. With the help of such cards, young people in love conveyed their feelings to each other. Great passion for writing Valentines felt the inhabitants of England, in this country, the hearts were made of colored paper and also signed exclusively with colored inks. However, this is not the limit in the development of valentines.

The popularity of sensual postcards has led to the fact that people have become increasingly serious about the creation of valentines, so began to appear messages in the form of an acrostic.In this verse the first letters of each line form a certain word, often it was the name of a lover or lover.

The postcard was cut out with scissors and decorated on the edges with tiny letters. Such a message could not leave indifferent. For the decoration of Valentines actively used a special stencil.

The first batch of valentines released at the beginning of the XIX century. Postcards of this series were drawn by hand and presented in black and white. They did not make a big stir, however, progress has not been canceled, and soon color and bright postcards appeared.

Across all the Earth, the day of all lovers is celebrated on February 14th. The main tradition of this holiday for many years now is the presentation of Valentines.

In addition to popular stories about the appearance of the main attribute of this holiday, there are also some lesser known ones. One of them tells how a church minister named Ternie Valentin was sentenced to death. His guilt was that, contrary to the Emperor’s ban on marrying soldiers, he entered into marriage alliances between soldiers and their lovers.

Ternia Valentine was a true servant of the church, however, while waiting for his bitter fate, he experienced a truly wonderful feeling that connected all those couples who were married to him in due time. Ternii Valentine sincerely loved the daughter of the executioner, who was to execute him.

On the day of the scheduled execution, Valentin wrote a beautiful and romantic letter full of romance to his beloved, as a signature he noted "from your Valentine". After the execution, he was called a martyr and was considered another victim who suffered for the church.

February 14 made Valentine's Day. A letter written by a Christian martyr became a symbol and tradition of the main holiday of all loving hearts of the world.

From the above, it is clear that there are a lot of theories about the appearance of valentines, but there is still a common one in these stories, each of them is permeated with a great feeling called love.

Love is the most beautiful feeling for which people have not spared their lives and have gone to great lengths to reunite loving hearts. Life is not predictable and can have both pleasant and unpleasant twists and turns, in order to survive all the adversities one must necessarily seek one's love.

Absolutely it does not matter what kind of history is true, it is much more important that this holiday is loved in all countries of the world. Especially the younger generation. And of course, everyone remembers the cute Valentines, who are the best congratulations on this day. Now young lovers often exchange virtual valentines.



Traditions of Valentine's Day


It's time to move on to the traditions of the day of all lovers. In all corners of the world, people in love are waiting for this romantic holiday. It has existed for a very long time, and over the years it has simply become covered with various kinds of traditions.



Each country boasts its own customs associated with this identity. Congratulations on the day of all lovers are not always limited to handing out a valentine or going to a restaurant for a romantic get-together. A large number of loving people seeks to legitimize their relationship on February 14th.

  1. In some countries, the representatives of the stronger sex are presenting clothes for their lady on their Valentine's Day hearts. In case of accepting a gift, the woman gives her consent to create a strong and loving family.Of course, the clothes are far from the original gift, nevertheless the approach itself is very unusual.
  2. A long-time story says that before any girl in love could approach the object of her feelings and ask him to become her husband. If a man refused, he should present a silk dress as a gift to a woman, and put on a silk belt with a heart strung on him. Now this tradition is not relevant, but still the brides and grooms are trying to show originality when choosing a gift.
  3. A very interesting belief is that the first man the girl will meet on Valentine's Day should be her Valentine. At the same time, the desire of the representative of the stronger sex is not specifically taken into account.
  4. There is a sign that a girl who sees a robin on Valentine's Day is destined to marry a sailor for her husband. If the representative of the fair sex met a goldfinch, the groom will be rich, and the sparrow met promises a happy life with a poor husband. In fact, an interesting prediction will be an original and unusual gift.
  5. For more than one century, European young ladies on the day of lovers write their names on paper, and then put them in a box.A man is invited to randomly pull out one piece of paper, thereby determining his companion for the coming year.



Video tutorials - create valentines with your own hands in stages


How to make a soft valentine with your own hands



How to make unusual cards - Valentines



Valentine's Day card



The idea for a Valentine's Day postcard using the Scrapbooking technique. Master Class



I really hope that all the master classes presented here - how to make a valentine with your own hands, turned out to be useful and understandable to you.