How to manipulate people?

Almost all people know how an experienced puppeteer handles a puppet. His sensitive fingers pull the strings that make the puppet move as the puppeteer needs. We do the same thing in life when we manipulate other people, sometimes even unconsciously. In fact, manipulation is the impact on another person in order to get him to the desired action. Many have had such a gift since early childhood, and this skill has not been given to others. But learning to manipulate people is possible. What is the psychology of manipulation? It can be presented collectively in several points ...

How to manipulate people: psychology

  1. Active collection of information. The more you know about the person you are going to manipulate, the more chances you have to achieve what you want. Ideally, you should find out all the weaknesses of a person (what is he afraid of, what attracts him, what he dreams about, etc.).
  2. Clearly set a goal. You need to be well aware of what you want from a person. After determining the goal, think about the ways of manipulating (see below for ways). Make a plan of action, choose the most successful combination of methods of manipulation.
  3. Attract the attention of man. Here in every way use the collected information.
  4. Push the person to the desired action, using the methods of manipulation. You must convince a person that there is only one sure way out of the situation.
  5. Rate the results. If everything works out, you will find yourself in an advantageous position.

What else can you play besides human weakness? Everyone has needs, the dissatisfaction of which makes a person unhappy. They can also be used. Most often it is the need for respect and public acceptance, physiological (sleep, food, sex), self-actualization, material well-being, and safety.

Many books have been written on how people can be manipulated. Different authors write them: psychologists, businessmen, and ordinary people who have experience of manipulation. You can easily find them in large quantities on the Internet, in libraries and on the bookshelves of stores. If you want to learn more about the methods of manipulation and find clear advice on the effects on others, psychological literature can help you (for example, the books of Fexeus Heinrick, Yuri Mukhin, Joe Owen, etc.).If you want to see how the manipulation of specific examples, then read fiction.

Ways to manipulate people:

  • Promise. As a rule, most people firmly believe in promises. The most vivid example is advertising, which promises us shiny hair, white teeth, health from healthy products, etc. Of course, everyone wants the best for themselves, and they go to buy advertised products.
  • Care. It helps to soften the attitude of others and achieve the desired. Example: the daughter wants to go to the disco, but she knows for sure that her mother will not let her go. She starts keeping the house clean all week, goes to the grocery store, doesn't make noise, does her homework, comes home on time. At the end of the week, in a polite and soft voice, her daughter asks her mother to let her go to the dance. A good parent allows the girl to have fun, thus wanting to reward her for work.
  • False. Often we lie to each other even in the smallest moments, and for many, lying is the norm. Example: a husband has a mistress with whom he wants to meet. Having an impeccable reputation, he fakes a call from work and declares to his faithful that "an urgent unscheduled meeting in the office has arisen." The conversation will be tense, so he asks his wife not to distract with calls and wait for him at home.The wife believes, the husband quickly gathers and goes on a date to her mistress.
  • The manifestation of strong negative emotions. Such may be irritation, anger, rage. They must be experienced by the person being manipulated. Example: a mother does not like the new girl of her son, and she wants to bring him to the neighbor's daughter. She comes up with clever ways to defame a girl in the eyes of her son. With the good situation of circumstances, he is angry, upset, does not believe his girlfriend and throws her. Mom soothes him, says that the girl was unworthy of him, but her neighbor is much better and more suitable for him. The son, wanting to annoy the former, begins to meet with a neighbor.
  • Repetition, it’s a zombie. When a person is repeated the same thought for a long time, he begins to believe that this is true. Example: an ugly girl suffers from her appearance. Mother, wanting to help her, suggests that she is beautiful, and all her flaws are the "highlights" that give charm.
  • Temptation and seduction. All people want pleasure. Therefore, the way effective. Example: a student has an exam tomorrow, and friends call to the club. To convince, they add that the entrance is free today, there will be a girl in the company that he likes, etc. The student agrees.
  • ThreatsExample: the mother says to the child: “If you do not eat porridge, the evil Buka will come and take you with you!”.
  • Blackmail. You can in one way or another impact on a person’s life, thereby spoiling it greatly. To prevent this from happening, you propose a mutual benefit: the person does what you need, and you do not take any actions dangerous for him. Example: a person has photographs showing his business rival with his mistress in juicy poses. He demands from the adversary what his business needs, in return, promising never to show these photos to his wife.
  • Bribe. A vivid example is election campaigning, when the streets offer money for a vote in favor of a certain candidate. You can buy not only with money, but also with other things, objects or services that are necessary for a person.
  • Public censure. Most people are very afraid of negative public opinion, so reprimand also has a powerful effect. Example: in the editorial board of a printed publication a fly occurs. Wishing to achieve certain results from his employee, the chief editor publicly scolds and criticizes the correspondent for his work.The correspondent is embarrassed and does not want this situation to repeat, so he clearly remembers the comments and tries not to do that anymore.
  • Love. Manipulation is most successful in the pair in which one loves, and the other allows himself to love. Manipulations are usually a man in love. Example: a girl wants her boyfriend to buy her a fur coat. She says: “If you love me, buy me a fur coat so that I do not freeze in the winter. Otherwise, go to another! ". And the young man buys a girl a fur coat, if only she was always there.

There are many ways to manipulate, and they are combined with each other. How to manipulate people? In addition to compliance with the algorithm and methods of control, do not forget about conscience. If manipulation benefits you and hurts another person, and sometimes even breaks his whole life, then think carefully before doing so.