How to meet at school?

Thirty or even twenty years ago, I had to stand for hours at a specified place, wait under the porch or near a school. But technological progress is so rapidly developing and has brought us new means of dating: social networks, dating sites, and chat rooms according to interests. On the one hand, this is, of course, wonderful; now you can find out the interests of a person you like, but on the other hand, with live communication, social networks cannot be compared. At all times there was a question, how to meet at school? Today I will try to answer you this question.

Recommendations for girls

First, let's look at the problems of girls that appear when trying to get acquainted with a fashionable guy at school. When I was in school, I really liked the boy from the class a year older. I have been walking around for a long time and did not know where to make acquaintance. Then, finally, she came up with: on the school grounds there was an old gymnasium, in which no one had practiced for a long time, since they had built a new one. Having written in a note that it was very interesting for me to get to know him and, having learned from his classmates what kind of music he loved, she left a disc with a note.Then she typed an anonymous note on the computer with information about where the surprise lies, and she passed it on to her friend�s younger brother. In the note I asked Oleg to answer and leave the letter in the same place. But I didn�t sign any of the letters, so when the next day came, there was a letter from him in my secret place! So we corresponded for three months, he tried to find out who wrote to him, and I avoided personal acquaintance in every possible way. When I understood from the letters that I already liked him, then I made an appointment. She came fifteen minutes earlier, and he was already standing with flowers at the specified place. Having trampled around for another half hour (decent girls must be late) I approached him and so we started dating. Then he told me that he had liked me for a long time, but he was afraid to approach.

If you want to get acquainted with a boy you should start by learning more about him. Try not to give yourself a look or a word. Your interest should not look like love and fanaticism, the boys do not like it. The most important thing is not to try to conquer the boys with accessibility, it can ruin not only your reputation at school, but also ruin your whole life.

Recommendations for young men

Now let's talk about boys, how to meet a girl in school? In our time, the concepts of man and woman have somehow turned upside down. In the understanding of every girl, a man is strong, fair and courageous. In detva, everyone dreams of princes and princesses. And it's not about blood, we are all born princes and princesses, it all depends on what we are - growing up. Practical advice for young men on "how to meet a girl" endless. For each girl, should be your approach. If you like a girl, you, probably, have already studied all her interests and habits, and if not, do it urgently. Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone, you can easily find its number or search for a personal page in contact. Start with secret messages on a mobile phone or e-mail, send messages in the morning to her in the morning, send her poems or just pleasant words. And you will see when, after a week of such a mysterious correspondence, you invite her on a date - she will definitely come. On the first date do not forget to give flowers, let it be daisies, but from the bottom of your heart. And most importantly, remember - the girls are waiting for the prince. Become a prince for her.Be unpredictable, meet her after school or get up early and go to her in front of the school, believe me, she will appreciate this gesture.

It is always easy to get acquainted - the main thing is to fantasize and be different. Revise the old romantic movies, because everything new is well forgotten old!