How to name your baby

Before many parents even during pregnancy, the question arises - what to call your baby. Sometimes they come to a consensus immediately. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to argue and argue. After all, someone wants to choose a rare name for a child, someone likes ancient names, and the name should be in harmony with the patronymic and surname. The site of useful advice will give you some recommendations:


How best to name your baby



Recently, there has been great interest in exotic names, along with the fact that many call their children old names. When choosing a name you need to watch how it will sound. An unusual name you raise to the attention of the surrounding people. But think about whether your child needs it, will it have any further difficulties? After all, exotic names do not always sound good with the Russian patronymic, and such combinations can simply spoil the impression of the name, rather than emphasizing its individuality.


Also there was an interest in Old Russian names.Such names as Polina, Vasilisa, Varvara, Danila, Yaroslav and others became common. They sound softer with our patronymic names, and are more versatile for modern times.


You can also choose the name of a child with the help of an Orthodox name-writer by date of birth. If you find it difficult to come to a consensus, such an option can help you. It will be convenient if you are a believer. The names of the names of the names, and this is the day of memory of the saint.


Undoubtedly, your chosen name for the child will have an impact on the character of the future person. Now there is a lot of literature on this topic. If you wish, you can choose the name of your child in accordance with the description of the character, the features of which this name carries. In any case, you should like the name, and it should fit your baby. Therefore, sometimes it makes sense to wait until his birth.