How to open a grocery store

How to open a grocery store

How to open a grocery store?

A rather popular and not outdated idea for business is the opening of a grocery store. If you do not have a lot of money for initial capital, then it does not matter, because this kind of store does not require significant development costs. If a huge amount of funds is invested, then it is still not possible to be confident of complete victory and successful business development. Much depends on what principles you build it, and what ideas you will use. Today we will talk about how to prepare everything for the opening of the grocery store.


Since ancient times people have eaten. No, people ate even old, because we, like any living creatures, want to do it. Our instinct and our receptors, which send a signal from an empty stomach to the main brain, force us to this, where we understand that it is time to go to the grocery store, if the supermarket is far away, and you can buy bread, boiled sausage and butter in a small good shop near the entrance.People prefer cheap stores that sell fresh food. As always there will be competition, because this market is very full of different businessmen and business ladies. As in the construction of any service, you should start thinking about the place immediately. It is best to place it near your home, if 120 families still live in it, or near the next block. The main thing is that people need to go to your store. Now such lazy people that you can not even imagine. They are ready to send their little son to the store, which is at the entrance, so as not to get up from the couch. Of course, this is a kind of artistic device, but in reality no one wants to go far. Because the main goal in the construction of the store will be its successful location. If there is a competitor in the given territory, it will be more difficult, but still you can get out of such a marsh. The competitor will interfere, but it must be fought. If there is a supermarket near or a large store, then quietly remove the waffles and change the location.


How to open a grocery store



It is not necessary to build a room, you can rent it, which will be a plus in winter, because you will not need to buy various kinds of individual heaters, which may not always be safe for the person and the store itself.For the organization of such a case, even an apartment can fit, but it should be located on the first floor of a non-residential fund. After all, few people will go up the stairs, for example, to the 5th floor in small doors, without even knowing how all the products are stored there, because what else can a person have thoughts if he buys in such a counter.


It is also very important to determine the products that will be offered to customers. In some countries and regions, a license to sell alcoholic beverages needs to be developed separately, because it is not issued to ordinary entrepreneurs. Too many teenagers with beer and brandy run, although this is one of the most paid-back products that have ever been sold.



For all permits go to the nearest tax authority. There we sign all contracts in the presence of certain documents and obtain permission to trade in food products. If necessary, we buy a cash register in order to immediately register it at the place of business.


Papers with you, all permissions are there and certificates are ready, including from firefighters. Now you can start a repair or simply plan the room, where there will be a majestic and popular grocery store.How to open a grocery store, if you do not even know how to arrange a room? You can go through competitors, buy a pack of matches from them, and in that time see what's what. You can remove too much, and leave only the best. For additional savings you can look at the ads of the city, there you can find used. equipment for shops. This will significantly reduce cash costs. If it has a good condition and does not require repair, then definitely take it. Excess savings do not hurt.


Refrigerators will usually be issued when buying beer and drinks that like to freeze and drink them better cold. Racks for sweet goods can also be obtained for free. After all, everything is not as bad as it was thought. You can save a lot on equipment alone. Everything else will need to spend from 5 to 10 thousand dollars, it already depends on the size of the room. If as we wrote used used. equipment, then another 2-3 thousand USD. will go in your favor. There are a lot more difficulties than trying to make money while sitting at home.


In general, in money, we almost figured out and came to the conclusion that to start the operation of this kind of service you need to start about $ 20,000 thousand, and how much will be behind this figure, already depends on the scale of the store itself.


It is very advantageous to conclude various contracts and glue various advertisements of popular brands, this helps when attracting customers. They stick when they see another bright advertisement. At the checkout, as always puts chewing gum and a variety of cheap goods that the customer may want to buy, while the cashier will slowly count every penny.


But how to open a grocery store if there are no workers yet? Provided that you will clean up yourself and count the money and do everything in general, then this will not be necessary, but how long will it be 1 person? It is best to hire several employees, if there are 2 cash desks, then you need at least 4 salesmen, for shift work. This is so that the lunch break is almost not there, and they could change each other in a very unpleasant situation. Well, another cleaner, who does not need to work too much, if it's a small-sized shop. In this case, you can throw this duty on one of the sellers, naturally paying for it to his salary. The role of the administrator can perform you in the initial stages. In general, the store is ready, you can cut the tape and let in thousands of customers who lined up. Now wake up, it's time to build your business!