How to overcome shyness?

Our brain activity does not imply concentration on several things at the same time. And while you are constantly talking or thinking about something, especially with experience and emotional overstrain, the problem becomes more pronounced. This refers to the thoughts of their shyness. That is why first you need to change the vision of their problems. We will try to help you understand how to deal with shyness.

Goal achievement

  • To begin with, try to set a goal, in any case not to think about your shyness. One review of the problem of your shyness, a positive result can not give, but on the contrary, will be able to pull you into the abyss even more inconvenience. Reverse vision of the problem will be able to bring you closer to a positive result with each step.
  • Start thinking that you can solve your problem with success. Think and talk about those persons who are one hundred percent self-confident and do not concentrate their attention on shyness, due to the fact that they simply do not have it.You have to admire these people. Perhaps, as long as you are not similar to them, but at this stage you have already turned your vision, especially emotions and the brain, in the right direction.
  • You can perform a simple task, very simple and unobtrusive. On a simple sheet of paper, write with a marker the focus and essence of your goal, the main thing is to describe the correct vision of the problem. Place a sheet with an inscription in your house, in a prominent place, so that the sheet is always in the area of ​​your attention. If he will constantly loom in front of your eyes, soon you will notice how your goal is to be deposited in the subconscious of your mind. Little by little, with every minute, every day, you will slowly but surely go forward. And do not fall back. This is due to the fact that your thoughts will be interconnected with the subconscious.
  • You have to think carefully about what the main reason for your shyness and squeeze will be, when you have discomfort, and you feel uncomfortable, as if you are not at ease. By doing this, you can shorten the path to solving the problem by 50 percent.


Causes of conciseness and shyness can be varied.Someone is afraid of his own voice, someone is dissatisfied with his appearance or behavior, and someone is not able to express his opinion. But all these characters should be united by one common goal and they should ask themselves how to overcome their shyness, how to eradicate it from their lives.

The main reason for your discomfort is fear, the fear that makes you nervous and embarrassed.

After analyzing yourself, you should check:

  • When exactly that moment comes when you start to feel embarrassed, that is to be shy?
  • In this connection, you can not do this or that action?
  • What is the cause of your fear?

It is necessary to find the starting point, the period from which your constraint begins.


  • Suppose you walk along a crowded street, and you need to know what time it is at any time. You forgot your watch, and you have an urgent meeting. Only one way out, go to a stranger and learn from him what time it is. You will not look for watches on buildings in the whole city. Collect the will into a fist and act. Due to the fact that you ask a person for time, nothing bad will happen to you, which can change with you if you do this, absolutely nothing!
  • At this stage you should already understand how to overcome shyness, how to do it once and for all.
  • If you are familiar with people who are not burdened with problems of shyness, you simply must be with them. The more time you spend with them, the less your constraint will become. Only a prerequisite should be a warm and not arrogant attitude towards you, otherwise the problem can only get worse. Just see how they behave in a given situation.
  • You have to remember for yourself that modesty and shyness are your enemies. You have firmly decided to become self-confident, live a full life, achieve success, make friends and communicate freely. You are simply obliged to say goodbye to your old complexes and simply receive from life all that you could not receive before.
  • Think and know that you are able to cope with it, you have the strength to do it, you will do something this way and not the other way, you are a strong and principled person, you will succeed.
  • And the more you will not think how to get rid of shyness, you will go forward without looking back.