How to pass an IT interview?

The world is changing incredibly fast: a profession that has been mastered in the past decade may become irrelevant in today's decade. There are no more secretaries-machinists and computer operators who have been in demand recently. Now in the fashion profession, related to the IT-industry. We will tell you about what applies to this industry and how to pass an IT interview.

What is an IT company?

IT stands for "information technologies", which means "information technology". This industry includes a huge number of companies related to high technology. Giants of this sphere: Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Rostelecom, Group, VK.COM and many others.

IT Professions

Programmers of all levels and specializations, layout designers, copywriters, system administrators, designers, moderators, content managers, etc. - the list of specialties in the world of high technologies is considerable.

Your specialization does not have to be technical. Website development project manager, interviewer, press specialist - such people also work in IT companies.

Resume preparation

As in any other field, experience and education are valued here. Moreover, education is understood not as a crust obtained at a higher educational institution, but as documents confirming the actual possession of a particular programming language or development tool. There are special Olympiads for programmers and designers. By the way, by the criterion of victories in international competitions, the former owner of the social network "VKontakte" Pavel Durov selected programmers for the development team of the site.

If you have an internship in an information technology company, this is a plus for you. However, all of the above is true only if you have the relevant documents: letters of recommendation, letters, certificates.

In addition to education and work experience, a brief biographical sketch should be reflected in the resume, here should be your photo and contact details. We advise you to have both an electronic copy and a copy on physical media, that is, a really printed portfolio in a pleasant folder with neat pages, arranged in files.


Your appearance should be immaculate.It should not be "the most fashionable, relevant and glamorous bow." You came to get a job. You are expected to have a serious approach, maximum return and desire to work.

It is believed that IT-companies are eager to take extraordinary-minded employees under their wing. This judgment is fair, but not always. The simpler your position, the less HR (recruitment manager) will require you to display creativity.

Specificity of the questions depends on the vacancy. If you write applications on the native iOS code, then by all means wait for the questions checking depth of your knowledge. If your desired job is a project manager, then prepare a portfolio consisting of a list of the work you have done. You will be asked questions about your management style, as well as about the past team: which specialists did you coordinate with, which management scheme (vertical / horizontal) did you use.

At the very beginning of the interview you may be asked the following question: how can you actually be useful to our company? Agree that this is baffling. In this case, you will be waited for quite a normal answer. We advise you to say the following: "I will fulfill any order with maximum efficiency."

If you are young, then expect that you will be called just by name. This is normal.You, in turn, should call the personnel officer by name and patronymic. This rule can be violated only if you were asked to communicate in a more friendly tone.

Remember that from the very start (after graduation from the institute) in most cases you should not wait for the high wages typical for IT. Although it all depends on your abilities.

At the interview, keep yourself in hand. We understand that it is difficult to get rid of awkward excitement and trembling voice, but you will have to do it. Prepare yourself in advance for the idea that you may be refused. This happens often and not always because of your fault. Somewhere staged "his" man, somewhere high competition. Do not worry about this, but immediately submit applications to the maximum number of companies. Good luck and we hope that our article has helped you to learn how to pass an IT interview!