How to plant tomatoes?

In the cultivation of vegetables is nothing complicated. However, in order to harvest need to make a lot of effort. And also have angelic patience. Let's see in this article how to plant tomato seedlings. After all, often mistakes are made precisely when planting the seedlings. And these errors inevitably lead to the fact that the ovary falls on the first brushes.

How to plant tomatoes

  • Prepare the wells about a week before planting. The depth and width of the hole should be at least twenty cm.
  • After the hole is ready, you need to fertilize the soil. To do this, add a two-liter jar of humus with peat and 200 grams to the hole. a glass of ash.
  • Immediately before planting seedlings, the wells should be watered with settled warm water. And then plant the plants.
  • If the stocky seedlings are normally formed, then they should be planted vertically. If the seedlings are overgrown, then deepen the seedlings to a depth of about fifteen centimeters. At the same time, the fallen stem has the ability to sprout along the entire length. The advantage is that the root system is very strong and powerful, and the downside is that the growth of the plant slows down and the inflorescences fall.
  • If you want to properly plant overgrown seedlings, you can use one tricky way. To do this, dig a hole twenty-five centimeters deep, and dig a smaller hole in it. Then in a small hole should be poured hot water and plant the plant, deepening it into the soil by three centimeters. After three days, add peat with humus to the hole, about three cm. As the plant grows, increase the height of the soil in the hole. With this kind of hilling, new tiers of the root system appear in the plant, which do not cause any harm to the plant.
  • Considering the topic of how to plant tomatoes, it is impossible not to mention one common mistake that many gardeners make. It lies in the fact that initially the well of the required depth is pulled out, then a plant is planted in it, covered with dry soil and then watered.
  • In order for the seedlings to start, they need to dig a hole, pour one liter of warm distilled water into it, and plant plants in the resulting slush. Only then can the roots of the plant be covered with earth and compacted. Peat chips should be sprinkled on top.Watering this layer is not worth it, as a soil crust can form.
  • The earth between the rows should be gnawed, so the moisture will evaporate less. By following this planting technique, you save yourself from having to water the seedlings every day.
  • The lower leaves that touch the ground must be removed.

Overgrown seedlings

  • Overgrown seedlings with their height reaches a meter, and only a little thick with a pencil. It is logical that with such growth and such a width, it cannot keep itself.
  • First, cut the leaves to the very top, leaving only a small area, about thirty centimeters. This procedure should be performed two or three days before planting.
  • After that, you need to drive in the beds of pegs at a distance of 50 cm. You will tie up the seedlings on them.
  • Make a groove from each peg 60 cm long and 7 cm deep. Well, at the very end of the furrow you can make a hole for seedlings.
  • Keep in mind that making the grooves deeper should not be, as the roots of the plant will not be comfortable in cold earth.
  • Fold the stalks in the grooves in two places with special wooden hooks and cover them with loose earth.Stalk that remained above the ground tie to the peg.
  • To loosen and spud such beds can not in any case.
  • Such seedlings planted in greenhouses is not desirable. For greenhouses, normal seedlings are more suitable.

Now you know how to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse, as well as how to lead yourself if overgrown seedlings fell into your hands. In any case, not paying attention to any difficulties plant the plants with love, take care of them and they will please you with fruits, as a reward for your work.