How to play cards?

It is difficult to find in the modern world a person who did not play cards. There are many reasons that encourage people in the days of the Internet, computer games and television to sit at the table again and again. Despite the fact that in recent years cards can be played on a computer, many still prefer the company of friends. There is simply a huge number of card games, many of them are modified with time, but each game always has its own clear rules. In the article we will look at several popular card games and the rules for them.

Play the fool

The most popular card game in the countries of the former USSR. Learning to play it well is easy.

Simple fool

Playing a simple fool, the players throw up each other with 1, 2, 3, 4 cards of the same rank, which need to be covered with cards of the same suit, only of greater value, or trump cards. If during the game they planted more than 6 cards, then the player who fights can choose which card to beat. If he cannot do this, he takes the cards and skips the turn.


The same rules, but the ability to add to other players is added. If the person has nothing to throw, you can start to throw in turns.

Translated fool

To all of the above, the ability to transfer cards to a neighbor is added. The meaning is this: if a player has a card thrown, whose analog (the same card value) he has, he can safely transfer them to his neighbor, whose turn should be next. For example, a player was given a six tambourine, and he has a six club. He puts his six next to the one that was planted on him, and transfers the cards to his neighbor, the one whose turn was to be next. If he has a six, he can transfer all three cards to a neighbor. If he does not have a suitable card, he must cover all the cards that were transferred to him.

Twenty One (Point)

This game was invented in the USSR, probably, “Twenty-one” was an analogue of Blackjack. This is attributed to the fact that there were no decks in the Union that would comprise 54 cards, so the calculation was only for 36.

Cost of cards with points: Ace - 11 points, King - 4 points, Dame - 3 points, Jack - 2 points, the rest of the cards - in their denomination.

For starters in the game is determined by the banker. Shuffle the deck and deal in turn cards.The player sitting to the left of the banker must remove the card, after which the banker announces the amount in the bank. Opening the card, the banker puts it on the deck, from that moment the game begins. A person who will have to take a card, which the banker took off, cannot leave the game without putting an amount not exceeding the amount of the bank. Then alternately in the game bankers change. Each participant must dial the number of cards so that in the end the sum of points is 21. The one who scores the most points wins. Losers are those who scored less, and according to the rules they have to make a loss to the bank. The winners take the winning amount. In case of equality of points, the bank takes the banker. The point game continues until the bank exceeds the banker's bet three times.