How to play tennis?

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How to play tennis?

For several years, tennis has remained one of the most prestigious, beautiful and popular sports, because it is believed that he develops the necessary skills in life, such as assertiveness, stamina and interpersonal skills. But most importantly, tennis helps to preserve our health.

And, despite the fact that it is quite a difficult sport, because In addition to physical fitness, he also requires an excellent response and a good eye, wishing to learn how to learn how to play tennis, every year becomes more and more.

Rules: how to play tennis

Tennis is played by two players (single player) or four (doubles). The court (field for the game) is divided into four zones: the first pair is located across (due to the grid), and the second along it (in the center). Thus, it turns out 4 squares.

  • The goal of the game, like any other - victory. To do this, you need to hit the ball with a racket so that it hits half the field of the enemy. The latter should miss. Tennis is interesting because it is not limited in time.The main thing here is scoring. They are counted over two phases: the game and the party.
  • The game begins, of course, with the first submission. From her start to play a point. The first submission is always made from the first “square”: to the right of the center line. The player's task is to transfer the ball to the opposite field of the opponent diagonally. If the ball enters the net or over the service line, the judges declare an “out” and the player performs the second service. If the second attempt failed, then the point is recorded to the opponent. When the ball flew over the net, but touched it, then the serve is replayed. After each point, players change squares: go to the opposite side from the center. The ball feed change occurs through the party.
  • To win the “game”, the player needs to win four points, and the superiority over the opponent must be two or more points. The game starts with a zero score. The first two points won are counted as 15 and 30, respectively. The third point won is marked 40. Fourth - with the superiority over the opponent by two points, it promises a “game” win. Maybe the score is “30:30” or “40:40” - it is called “exactly”.With such an account, a tennis player must win two points in a row to win.
  • Winning in six “games” brings victory in the “set”. Provided that the advantage over an opponent - two or more games. When the score is equal, an additional “game” - “time-break” is played out. The player's task is to score 7 points. Then winning a game means winning the set.
  • Well, in order to defeat an opponent, a tennis player must win two sets (if the game consists of three) or three (a game of five games).

At first glance it may seem difficult to play tennis. To dispel these doubts, be sure to find a coach who will not only tell and show you how to play tennis properly, but also give you some tips. For example, you already know how to play tennis, but can you buy a racket that suits you best? It is not bought according to criteria such as “like - dislike” in color / shape, but whether it is suitable in size, arm length and weight. Well, of course, only the coach will teach you some of the subtleties of the game and give you the right pitch: first imitation of a blow in the air, then a “wall” - practicing blows against the wall. And only after these grueling workouts you can go to the court, as they say, in full combat readiness.

Of course, tennis, like any other game, implies the victory of one and the loss of the other, but do not focus on winning. After all, no matter how pleasant the victory was, the main thing in this game is the result, namely, an excellent charge of cheerfulness, strengthening the main muscle groups of the body and just the pleasure of the game itself.