How to pray to the saints?

Prayer refers to ecclesiastical practices. But it cannot be considered as such only. This is, first of all, a spiritual process. A person will never begin to pray unless his soul asks for it. There are such situations when a child is raised in the faith from birth, and for him to pray is a usual thing. Then he does it more mechanically several times a day. But prayer is more valuable, though rare, but coming from the heart. No one knows when each of us will have such a need of the soul. Therefore, a person needs to know, at least in general terms, how to pray to the saints.

What to do when praying

Orthodox are required to pray while standing, only the sick and the aged can sit. All prayer is accompanied by bows, which are belt (bow only to the upper part of the body) and earthly ones, when the prayer kneels and, bowing, touches his forehead to the ground. When you pray, you need to be baptized, it’s right to do this: we put together the three fingers of the right hand - the big, index and middle ones. The remaining two fingers are pressed to the palm. First we touch the forehead with our fingers, then the right shoulder, then the left, and at the end of the sign of the cross the hand drops to the lower part of the chest, almost to the stomach. And then they bow.You cannot begin to make a bow without completing the cross.

If someone is baptized all over his hand and waves his hand anywhere, they say about such people that demons torment him. And if the sign of the cross is performed with reverence and rightly, then it expels all that is bad from man. It is necessary to be baptized at the beginning of a prayer, along the way and at the end of it. You must also be baptized when you enter or leave the church, when you approach the icons, when you kiss the cross.

What feelings to pray

By prayer we appeal to the higher forces for help. Therefore, you need to know how to ask the saints correctly. It is necessary before the prayer to distract thoughts from all earthly affairs, to stand calmly before the icons of the saints. If you pray at home, you can even walk calmly and adjust your soul to prayer. After, go to the icon, worship it several times, start reading the prayer. Speak the words leisurely, with understanding, delve into the meaning of the words, take them with all your soul. While reading a prayer, our lips are cleansed of filth, the soul is cleared of malice and offense. We ask God for forgiveness and hope for him, we bring him our heart and soul.

What to ask in prayer

You need to ask what is worthy of God.New car, cottage and a lot of money - unworthy, peace and happiness in the family, the birth of a child, wisdom and love - these are the gifts that God can send you. It is necessary to ask in prayer very sincerely, so much time, until you get it. It can take a month, a year, three years, it is necessary to pray fervently and with a pure heart so much, so much it will be necessary before the execution of your request. How the saints help you can be told by those whose requests were heard. They do not give material benefits, they give strength and wisdom, understanding, so that your wishes come true.

Prayers of the Holy Matrona

Saint Matrona is especially esteemed by ordinary people, they turn to her for help with family problems, health, and loneliness. There are examples of how to pray to St. Matrona. The beginning of the prayer and its completion may be the same, but in the middle you can express your personal requests in any form. The beginning of the prayer is: “Holy Matronushka, our mother! Please, pray for us ...., may he forgive all our problems and sins, thank Him for all that is in our good life.