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How to prevent cracks on the skin of the hands?

To hands always have a healthy look, you need to regularly care for them. It is not necessary to visit expensive salons and buy expensive creams, you can simply use some tips to prevent cracks on the skin of the hands.
How to prevent cracks on the skin of the hands?
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In cold or windy weather, you should always wear gloves made of natural material.
Cleaning the house, washing floors and dishes should be carried out with gloves.
Prepare food with gloves, as meat, salt, onion corrodes the skin. An infection can get into the cracks.
Positive effect on the condition of the skin of the hands regular massage. It will help increase blood circulation.
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If your hands are still cracked, you can apply sunflower oil to your skin. There are no harmful additives in it. It will soften the skin well.
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How to prevent cracks on the skin of the hands?
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