How to promote the group?

Today, there are several ways to promote the group for free. Consider the most popular options.

PR groups can be done using the following methods:

  • filling with quality content;
  • partnership;
  • cheat visitors;
  • the purchase of advertising;
  • holding contests.

Quality content

This is the most important component of any VK group. It must be constantly updated with new and current records. Of course, you can use copy-paste. However, with the help of it, it is not possible to push a group with high quality. The fact is that no one will be interested in the group, all the records in which are copied from other groups. As practice shows, in addition to interesting messages, it is recommended to post in posts as often as possible which users would like to share with their friends, keeping records on their walls.


This is a fairly simple way to push a group in VK. Its essence is to agree with the owners of other public pages on mutual advertising.For example, you will make a repost message from another group in your own, they will do the same. In this situation, it is necessary to verify the effectiveness of such an exchange. If your message does not have enough reposts in the second community, then you probably should try again with another group.


The essence of this method is that, having spent a certain amount of money, you have the opportunity to purchase the required number of subscribers to the group. It can be not only living people on various exchanges for sharing likes, but also ordinary “bots”, in other words, hacked accounts or people registered specifically for such purposes. With this method you can promote the VKontakte group and increase its number.


Everything is very simple here. You pay for the creation of an advertising message, which will be laid out in various VC communities.


Despite its simplicity, this way of promoting a group is one of the most effective. What is its essence? You need to announce in your own community that the competition is starting - users are required to join the community, click "Share post with friends." The winner will be selected randomly, and he will receive a certain prize.As a result, community members will begin to constantly make reposts of this message. Their friends and acquaintances in the news feed will see this information. Some of them will probably want to try their luck, join the group and take part in the competition.

To date, there are a huge number of services to determine the winners of such competitions. One of the most simple and clear is considered the "Competitor". It allows you to set the date of completion of the competition, save information about the participants, etc.

Promotion of the group in VK is a rather interesting process.