How to prune an orchid?

Natalia Gredyushko
Natalia Gredyushko
December 24, 2012
How to prune an orchid?

Walk past a blooming orchid and, do not pay attention to the bright color of flowers, hardly anyone can. The plant is amazing, and the flowering period can be up to 6 months. However, in order for the plant to please the eye for a long time with its healthy appearance and bright flowering, it requires care. One of the questions of exciting owners of such luxury is whether to cut orchids or not. Let's try to figure out whether this is necessary.

Trim or not

After flowering the plant always has a flower stalk. Do not immediately rush for scissors and remove the excess in the hope that the plant will bloom again faster. It is worth noting that the orchid can bloom at any time of the year and at least 2 months. And to help her get rid of unnecessary really need. So when and how to prune the orchid? There are several options as possible, or even need to prune the orchid.

How to prune an orchid

Option One

The plant has faded, and you are waiting for a new plant in anticipation of a new bloom.But, the peduncle turned yellow, dried up or even turned black - boldly take scissors and cut the peduncle right at the base. Nothing will grow on the dried peduncle, and the plant “wastes” its forces and nutrients for nothing. Additional processing of the slice does not require.

Option Two

After flowering on the peduncle, swollen buds can remain, which can be located not only on the tip, but also near the faded buds on the peduncle. If the tip is green pruning orchid does not need. Wait for the next bloom.

Option Three

After flowering, the arrow slowly begins to fade, but the sleeping buds of the plant are swollen. How to prune the orchid after flowering in this case? If the peduncle is long enough, then there may be up to 4 of these buds. Agree that to lose several beautiful orchid buds at once is a luxury that does not allow. And in this case, it is enough to trim the tip of the peduncle, or rather, just above the bud. This will enable the plant to direct its forces to new blooms. However, there is no 100% guarantee that the plant will bloom on the old flower stalk.

Only after flowering, the orchid needs not only pruning the peduncle, but also pruning the children.Usually children develop at high temperatures, that is, mainly in the summer. After flowering from the peduncle kids go, and that's when they take the roots (at least 5 cm), they need to be cut with a part of the peduncle and planted again. When transplanting and planting orchid fill with water do not follow. She needs during this period “dry” content, the term of which depends on the ambient temperature. In summer, 2 days is enough. If you do not remove the kids, the orchid will eventually lose its elegant camp. And so you can dilute the whole blooming orchid garden. So do I need to prune an orchid? Yes, the plant even requires such a procedure to please for a long time with its beautiful flowers.