How to pull out the cache?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
February 8, 2013
How to pull out the cache?

If you want to save what you have viewed on the Internet, for example, video or audio clip, then there is no need to download it again. To do this, you can simply save it from the cache of your browser - the place where the files viewed in this way are stored. How to pull out the file from the cache, tell our article.

  • First you need to set in the settings of your browser the amount of disk space for cache information of at least 100MB in size;
  • Now you need to determine the location of the folder "Cache" (cache) on your personal computer. It is located on the disk with the installed operating system along the path: “Username”, AppData, Local, “Browser Name”, Cache;
  • To search for a file was easier, you must first clear the cache of old files;
  • To quickly find the file you need, you need to configure the display of its components in the Cache folder as a “Table”. We are looking for the file by the size and date of the change. Date of change should correspond to the date of downloading the file. The file size is usually much larger than the sizes of other files in this folder and most likely exceeds 1MB.In order not to "get lost", it is necessary to open in turn every folder that is in the Cache folder, and look for the necessary file there. And so, you know how to pull the video out of the cache and not only, because any files are pulled out like this;
  • When you have found the desired file, copy it to another folder so that it does not disappear randomly. And this can happen, because any browsers from time to time automatically erase all data from the cache;
  • Now run your file. Since such files have no extension, you will see in the appeared window a possible choice of the program, through which you can open this file. If this:
    • video file, then select a video player from the list of proposed programs;
    • music file - respectively, a music player;
    • image - a program for viewing images.

With the right choice, your file will be played by the corresponding program. All! Now you know how to pull a cached file!