How to pull tick?

Summer, especially its beginning, gives us the opportunity to spend more time in nature. Often we go to the bosom of nature with the whole family, along with pets. But just at this time of year ideal conditions are created for the vital activity of ticks, which are most active at a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius and at 90-95% humidity. A tick bite can cause tick-borne encephalitis. But the bite of a simple tick can lead to infection with various diseases. So, our pets, dogs, when bitten by a tick, can become infected with piroplasmosis, leading to the death of the animal. How to pull tick? Considering this issue, you must first determine the mechanism of attack and tick bite. Some mistakenly assume that ticks can jump or fall on us from tall trees. This is not true. Mites usually crawl up the tall grass or shrubs and fall down on the clothes of a passing man or animal fur. Therefore, the tick can be picked up not only in the dense forest, but also everywhere, where there is a rich grassy and shrub vegetation.Getting to the skin, the tick does not just penetrate his head under the skin, it is screwed in like a real screw. Therefore, it can be difficult to get it and do it slowly.

There are several methods of how to pull a tick from a person. The most common household method is to deprive the tick of the ability to breathe. To do this, it is often lubricated with vegetable oil. Then you need to wait about 20 minutes. Then the tick begins to loosen its grip, and you can gently pull it out. He himself still does not come out. If the tick has bitten recently and has not penetrated deeply, then pull it out without any troubles. If the tick has already penetrated deeply, then it must be twisted slowly counterclockwise. You can not make sudden movements, so as not to tear the tick body and give him the opportunity to rotate the proboscis. You can do it with your hands, but you can also use medical tweezers, and if there is no medical, then a regular household tool will do. There are special devices, such as, for example, Uniclean Tick Twister. Another way to remove ticks is with a regular yarn. It is tied in a knot at the site of the bite as close as possible to the skin around the head of the tick, and after that it is also necessary to slowly pull the tick out with rotation of the thread.

If the tick's body is still torn off, and its head remains in the skin, it will have to be carefully picked out with a disinfected needle.

The methods for pulling a tick from a dog are essentially the same as described above. You can add that it is possible to lubricate mites not only with vegetable oil. For this fit nail polish, soap solution, gasoline, iodine, alcohol, vodka.

It should be recalled that if there is a medical facility near you, then it is better and safer to go there to remove the tick. Specialists will professionally remove the tick, ridding you of it, and the tick itself will be sent to a study to determine whether it is a carrier of diseases. However, if the medical facility is far away, it is better to try to remove the tick yourself, as the risk of infection increases depending on the tick bite time. The tick itself, again, it is better to transfer to research in a medical institution.