How to put a password on a laptop?

September 8, 2014
How to put a password on a laptop?

If the user is afraid for the safety of their data on a laptop, then you can set a password to log in, which will be known only to those to whom you report it. However, this is not always convenient and will not always save from an attacker who can pick up a password or hack the system in clever ways.

How to put a password on a laptop in Windows will be described below.

How to set a password on a laptop

To achieve the desired need:

  1. Follow the path "Start - Control Panel - User Accounts".
  2. By clicking on your account, you will see the "Create Password" tab.
  3. In this tab, click on the "Create Password" button.
  4. Write your password and restart the laptop.

After the reboot, you will see that a password will be requested on the start screen. By entering it, you can work with a laptop. Now the laptop is protected.

Among other things, you can create several accounts for other users in the same menu.This will allow another person to use the laptop, but he will not have access to your information. Each user will be able to set their own password.