How to quickly clean the blinds in the kitchen?

Blinds - the device is not new, for several decades now it has been actively used to curtain windows of various sizes, while they decorate the room quite well and are reliable protection against unsigned sunlight or prying eyes.

These curtains are great for both apartments and office space, most often, they are installed in the kitchen, some housewives believe that they will have less hassle than with regular fabric curtains.

Painstaking work

But this was not the case, after several years of successful use, the blinds can drastically lose their original appearance, especially if they were not properly cared for throughout this time.

To return such curtains to their original form, we will be honest, we will have to put a lot of effort, especially if it is not only dust accumulation, but also splashes of grease or soot. Once the street has once seen such a picture in its kitchen, any housewife wonders how to wash such curtains, because it is very easy to damage them or incapacitate completely, which absolutely would not be desirable.

It turns out that for each type of blinds there are their own, special ways of care and requirements for operation, which you should have been told in the store. But if nothing like this happened, and the blinds urgently need to be put in order, then we will share with you a few real options and popular methods.

How to clean aluminum blinds?

In total, there are two main types of blinds - vertical and horizontal. The latter, most often, are used precisely in home apartments, and vertical ones are more common in offices, although the cases are different.

Generally, in order not to bring such curtains to a terrifying state, and then not to worry about how to wash them, you need to take care of them constantly, with each wet cleaning of the room. Usually for this purpose, a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle is used, which delicately removes all accumulated dust in the last week or two.

You can do it in the yard

You can use special devices that are designed specifically for cleaning blinds, for example, you can help brush in the form of tongs, equipped with two nozzles, between which each bar is clamped.

True, in fairness it should be noted that the effectiveness of such devices depends on the regularity of their use. If you try to wash such dirty blinds with such a brush, you are unlikely to get a positive result.

The most common horizontal blinds are aluminum. They are the easiest to care for, besides not being afraid of water and detergents, and, therefore, it is much easier to cope with their pollution. To begin with, the structure must be thoroughly vacuumed to get rid of dust accumulations.

Further there are several possible options - to wash the blinds without removing them from the window, or still work, but to disassemble the structure.

Do not forget to wash and windows

Sometimes there are such assemblies that can be disassembled, without damaging the lamellas, are not possible, and therefore have to be washed as they are. Immediately we warn that after an active car wash on weight, everything around can become dirty and soapy - from walls to ceiling, you will have to measure.

So, close the blinds tightly in order to minimally splash the windows; we prepare a soap solution in advance - water with detergent. You can use the usual dishwashing detergent, although in some cases it can damage the coating, or you can use special cleaning products.

Each lamella, gently fixing on the opposite side, will have to be washed alternately with a soft sponge dipped in soapy water. It can be fully applied to all blinds and left for a couple of minutes, so that the grease and dirt slightly move away from the coating. Next, gently wipe each lamella with a clean sponge dipped in water, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

How to wash plastic blinds?

Another common type of horizontal blinds is plastic. They are quite capricious in the care, they need to be washed much more carefully than aluminum, because they are quite fragile. On the other hand, a big plus of such structures is that they are often easily understood, and, therefore, they can be removed and washed much more carefully than on weight.

To do this, remove them from the window, gently turn them into a tube, but not tight, so as not to bend the lamellae. We prepare a soap solution in the bathroom or basin, put the curtains there and leave them to soak for a few hours. Water should not be hot, otherwise the blinds are at risk of losing their original appearance.

Get serious about this case.

While they otkisayut, do not forget to constantly turn over the blinds and shake, it helps a lot from the fat and soot that often gather on the kitchen curtains.After the time has elapsed, we pour out the water, type clean in the same place, shake it again and gently, using a soft sponge, remove oily water from the surface.

Another option is not to turn off the blinds, but put them in the bath straight in the straightened state and rinse each lamella with the help of a shower and a soft cloth. After such a shower, they must be rinsed again with cold water, wipe dry with a soft cloth and put back.

How to wash fabric blinds?

Fabric options, most often represented by vertical blinds, they are perhaps one of the most capricious and difficult to care for, among all other species.

Remember that washing such blinds is better, as rarely as possible, after each wash they risk quickly losing all their beauty. They should not be washed in a washing machine!

All the canvas is completely removed from the lower chain, and then each lamella turns into a roll alternately.

This should be done very carefully, they can not be rubbed, crushed or brushed, otherwise you risk damaging the impregnation. We roll the roll into the soapy solution, leave it for a few hours, and then drain the dirty water and add the clean water now.Next, the blinds must be deployed, hang out in the same order right in the wet, on the window the lamellae will dry out and finish quickly.

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