How to record from TV?

The times when we hurried home to have time to watch our favorite TV show are long gone. Today, a huge number of options for recording transmissions from TV to removable media have appeared. Let's take a look at several ways to record video from a TV.

We write to the computer

If you want to record a TV program from a TV on a PC, then you should not buy special equipment or software, as the standard programs on your computer can easily edit any video. There are several steps in how to record from TV to computer.

The first thing to do is to connect a special AV video capture cable to the TV connectors. If your TV has a connection with a digital broadcasting console, the cable is connected to the connectors of this device. During the connection, it is desirable to observe the color matching (insert the wire with the red plug into the red connector, and with the white plug into the white one).

The second step is to connect an additional cable to the S-Video port, if available.If it is not, then you can record from the TV to the USB flash drive only through the AV cable. But it is worth remembering that this will significantly degrade the image quality.

Insert the USB end of the video capturing device into the unused USB port in the PC. You will have to wait a while for the device to recognize the device.

Find a program on the computer that would edit the video, it should have a function to capture video from any recording device. An example of such a program would be the well-known iMovie or Adobe Premiere.

Open the File menu and find the Capture tab in it, that is, the capture. Open it. If there appears a choice of several ways to capture, then select Capture From Digital Video Camera, that is, capture video from a digital video camera.

Type a name for the future video file, if you are prompted to make the program in the process of recording. Select the desired folder on your hard drive and save the file with the new movie in it.

Then click on the “Start Capture” button in the video editor. Now you can start showing the video you want to record on your PC.

After it finishes, click on the Stop Capture button and the video will be saved in the folder you specified in advance. Now consider how to record the transfer from the TV to video tape.

We record on video tape

To do this, you need to have a video player or video player, inside which you will record TV shows.

First, you will need to prepare for recording, that is, turn on the VCR and insert a previously purchased blank tape into it. You can also choose a cassette with a record and record it “on top”. But it is worth noting that on some cassettes there is a special label that prevents recording and, if it is absent, you can safely begin.

Rewind the tape to the place that you want to put on the beginning of the film. Select the channel where the movie or TV show will go. Now it is possible to carry out the task set at the beginning - how to record a movie from a TV.

Using the "Speed" button on the remote control, select the desired recording speed of the tape recorder. There are three options: SP - records the transfer within 2 hours, LP - within four and SLP - within six.

Now press the RECORD button, and the process of recording the desired transfer will begin. While the VCR is recording, you can relax and do your favorite things.If you want to pause the recording during advertising or cut unwanted moments, you can click on the “Pause” button, and then resume the process using the RECORD button.

If you have recorded a program and want to permanently stop the recording, then click “Stop” and rewind back to make sure that the quality of the recording is good. In case you want to see the quality of the recording a bit later, click on EJECT.

Now you know how to record any program from the TV and can teach this to all your friends and relatives.