How to recover BIOS?

The BIOS is a firmware written in a chip on the motherboard, which is responsible for starting, testing and configuring hardware at boot.

If for some reason the BIOS is damaged or does not fit the board, there is either an unstable computer operation or it does not load at all. And there is a problem how to restore the BIOS.

Ways to restore the BIOS

If the operating system boots, but the computer does not work correctly, you can try to flash the BIOS from DOS or Windows:

  • Download from the Internet from the website of the BIOS manufacturer for your board and the program firmware Phoenix or InsydeH2O.
  • Take care that the computer is connected to the network through an uninterruptible power supply unit.
  • If you decide to reflash from Windows, you need to disable the Internet, network connection, unload all unnecessary programs and disable the antivirus.
  • Dissolve the BIOS archive and run the file with the bat extension. The program will flash BIOS and restart the computer.

If the computer does not boot:

  • If the motherboard has the function of emergency recovery of a faulty BIOS, there is a Flash Recovery jumper on it.To restore the BIOS, you must put it in the Recovery Mode, install a special boot disk that comes with the motherboard, and turn on the computer. The program will overwrite the BIOS on the original version. After a few minutes, the computer can be turned off and the jumper returned to its original position.
  • If the board does not have a BIOS recovery function, you can try to flash it on another motherboard that supports this type of BIOS. To do this, on the work board, carefully remove the BIOS with a flat screwdriver and install it back so that its legs just touch the connectors. The computer boots into DOS. After loading, the serviceable BIOS is removed, and instead it is replaced with a faulty one and the BIOS update program is launched. After the end of the flashing, the computer can be turned off and removed from the board the flash BIOS. The method of flashing BIOS in another motherboard works, but it is dangerous in that you can damage the BIOS itself or the motherboard. Therefore, we strongly recommend that in this case contact the repair shop, where the BIOS will be flashed on a special programmer.

The problem of how to restore the laptop BIOS is solved in approximately the same way.

  • From another work computer, go to the Internet and download the program to create a Crysis disc. The easiest way to download these programs is from Take a flash, format it in fat32, write down the program and downloaded from the Internet suitable for your Bios board.
  • You remove the battery from the laptop. Insert the USB flash connector. Hold down the Fn and Esc keys, turn on the power from the laptop network and turn it on. The recovery of the BIOS will take only a few minutes and the laptop will restart. After that, the battery can be returned to its place.

If you experimented with BIOS settings and your computer began to work incorrectly, you need to restore the previous settings. How to restore BIOS settings:

  • Restart the computer and go to the BIOS. In the exit tab, find the item Load Setup Defaults, meaning restoring the default settings and clicking on it. After that, the computer will restart with the settings already restored. However, this method does not always work.
  • If the program failed to restore the settings, you need to turn off the computer, unscrew the screws and remove the side cover.On the motherboard, you need to find the battery, which is responsible for saving the BIOS settings. If there is a jumper next to it, to reset it, put it in another position.
  • Instead of a jumper there may be a button, next to which there should be a CMOS inscription. In this case, to reset the settings, simply click on the button.
  • If there is no jumper or no button, you should remove the battery for a while. To do this, press the lock with a screwdriver, after which the battery can be easily pulled out. After a few minutes, the battery can be put back and boot up the computer.