How to reduce growth?

Scientists have shown that man continues to grow up to 35-40 years. A lot of people are not happy with their height. Some want to grow at least a few centimeters, others do not know how to reduce their height. Is it possible to somehow influence the situation?

Below we describe the reasons for growth acceleration and the possibilities for slowing it down.

Causes of acceleration

In their basic anthropometric data, modern youth is far ahead of the previous generation. Therefore, many of them, especially girls, face the question "How to reduce growth?". The intensity of growth is influenced by a number of factors:

  1. Genetic heredity. The program of growth of 80-90% laid by nature. Therefore, taking into account the growth parameters of the parents, it is possible to calculate the expected growth of the child. For a boy, add the growth figures of mother and father, add 13 cm and divide the resulting amount by 2. For a girl, subtract 13 cm from the father's height, add the growth of the mother and divide the result by 2. The resulting number plus or minus 3-4 cm is considered normal the height of an adult.
  2. Increased production of somatotropin.Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland (lower appendage of the brain) and is responsible for the growth of a person. A benign tumor of the pituitary gland or other pathologies of the endocrine system can cause excessive production of growth hormone and, as a consequence, gigantism.
  3. Premature sexual development. Some adolescents have puberty offsets earlier than peers. Against this background, an acceleration of somatic growth is observed. But over time, growth areas are closed and growth levels off.

How to reduce the height of a person and whether to do it

In the case of enhanced growth should consult a endocrinologist. Having studied the general picture of how a person grows, and based on the results of research, the doctor will be able to make a diagnosis. If it turns out that tallness is the result of a pathological condition, timely treatment will help to suspend growth.

If a large increase is due to genetics, it is almost impossible to influence it. The only way to regulate growth rates is physical activity. Sports such as jumping, basketball, volleyball, tennis should be avoided, as they contribute to increased growth.While skiing, judo, cycling, and lifting weights build muscle mass to the detriment of bone development.

Visually reduce the growth will help properly chosen wardrobe: multi-layered clothing, horizontal stripes, contrasting colors of the top and bottom. To divert attention from growth, you can use bright accessories, shoes. Bulky clothing also makes a person a little lower.

What not to do to slow growth:

  • eliminate calcium from the diet. Calcium is necessary not only for strengthening and growth of bone tissue, as many people think. Lack of calcium in the body will lead to health problems of the teeth, hair, nails, can cause weakness, irritability, pain in the spine;
  • worn on the back weights. Carrying heavy bags and backpacks on the back can only visually reduce growth, giving the body a hunched look. The results of such actions will be spinal curvature and disc displacement;
  • caffeine abuse. Despite the fact that lack of sleep is one of the factors of slower growth, the fact of the influence of caffeine on the growth of a teenager is not scientifically proven. On the other hand, excessive consumption of caffeine can weaken the immune system, reduce physical and mental activity.