How to remove from a flash drive?

Alik Mullahmetov
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How to remove from a flash drive?

One of the popular devices in the modern world is portable storage devices (flash drives). Flash drives help save and share your favorite photos, music or important document with another person. To write new information to a storage device, it is necessary to delete old unnecessary files. Consider a few simple ways to remove files from a flash drive.

Connect the drive to a special connector in the computer. An autorun window will open on the monitor (a message about the new device with a list of contents). Or open the �My Computer� folder and right-click on the desired line to open the contents of the flash drive. Then select the desired file by holding the left mouse button or �Ctrl� on the keyboard.

Fragment can be deleted in different ways:

  • Click the �Delete� or �Del� button on the keyboard;
  • Click the right mouse button and select �Delete� in the list of actions that appears.

With such methods, information is easily restored. It is enough to select the necessary one with the mouse in the �Trash� folder and click �Restore�.

How to delete files from a flash drive permanently? It is enough to carry out the same actions, but during deletion, hold down the additional �Shift� on the keyboard, then release the button and confirm the delete command in the appeared window.

What to do if you can not delete a file from a flash drive? One of the easiest ways to solve the problem is to format the media:

  • Open the folder "My Computer";
  • Select the line with the name of the flash drive;
  • Right-click to open the command window and select the line "Formatting";
  • Confirm the command by clicking Start.

When formatting, the entire contents of the folder will be deleted.

How to delete information from a flash drive, except for using formatting? There are several more ways:

  • Delete not the whole folder, but its contents in parts;
  • Enter the computer as an administrator, not a user, and delete the necessary files;
  • Open "My Computer", right-click on the line with the name of the drive. In the list of commands, select �Properties� and in the �Access� section, uncheck �Read Only�.

Another reason that prevents you from deleting a file on a flash drive is a virus. In this case, we �cure� the device and only then delete the selected files.