How to remove hair from the body

Shaver.Everyone used this method. Every woman at least once in his life took him in hand. This is a fast and reliable way to fight hair, but only the effect is very short-lived. After one or two days, the hairs grow back and appear thicker as they begin to prick. It is better to use the machine for the legs and armpits. But in the bikini area may irritation.

Cream depilator.By its principle, similar to shaving. Special substances destroy the hair, but not the inside, but the outside. Therefore, there is a burnt smell. But the effect on the root of the hair does not occur. And accordingly, in a couple of days shoots appear again. It happens that in the cream add substances that slow down hair growth, but not all of them are very effective. This method is suitable for all sites. The main thing is not to be allergic to the composition.

Waxing.Very painful, but comfortable procedure. Removed hair from the root. And it appears again only after 3-4 weeks. Moreover, with each subsequent procedure, the hair becomes thinner and less noticeable. This method is often used in beauty salons, but you can buy a set for home hair removal.The bottom line is that the surface of the skin area of ​​5-10 cm wax is applied. And when it freezes, they tear it off with a sharp movement along with the hair. It happens hot and cold way. Hot is better, because the pores are opened from the temperature, the hairs are removed better. In the bikini area you should not do such a procedure during menstruation, the skin is very injured.

Hair removal with epilator. This is an electrical device. Its principle is based on the fact that spinning metal plates capture the hairs and pull out along with the root. This procedure is quite long, but comfortable. The negative side is ingrown hairs, but if you do peeling before hair removal, it can be avoided. Suitable for any parts of the body, depending on the pain threshold.

Laser depilation- This is an expensive event, but it can remove hairs for several years. With the help of a laser, the hair structure is destroyed or becomes very fragile. It can continue to grow, but colorless. The result is possible only after several procedures and lasts for several years. Best suited for girls with dark hair but fair skin.

Photoepilation- this is the achievement of a stable result. Exposing the light, the hair is destroyed completely and then does not grow. But for each person the number of procedures is calculated individually. Does not cause pain.

It doesn’t matter how you remove your hair, it will happen at home or at home, the main thing is to choose the most suitable way for you. Beauty today is smooth skin without excess vegetation.