How to remove warts?

Very many people are complex about warts. And for good reason, because these growths can reach more than one centimeter. It is good that they can be withdrawn, both by contacting experts, and independently, at home. But, before we talk about how to remove warts, let's talk about the reasons for their appearance.

Causes of warts

The specific cause of the appearance of warts is papillomavirus, which is able to penetrate the human body through microtrauma of the skin. One has only to touch the carrier of the papillomavirus or to the object that the carrier touched (be it a towel, floor, handhold or something else). That is why many people, seeing the warts in humans, try to communicate with him less, afraid to get infected. In addition, papillomavirus can appear in those people who wear cramped shoes. The virus is hidden and usually does not appear earlier than in four to five months.

How to remove warts on the hands: medicine

Today, official medicine offers us a number of methods to help get rid of warts.In addition to removing the wart, doctors can prescribe a course to strengthen the immune system to prevent relapse.

Freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen (or cryodestruction). Liquid nitrogen is applied to the wart, which freezes for 20-30 seconds. It becomes dense, white color, and, approximately, in two weeks disappears. If you need to remove warts on the legs, as for the plantar part, then there should be a longer period. The course, as a rule, in cases with a sole is repeated several times.

Surgical excision. This method is usually used only in cases where the warts are large. Local anesthesia is done, and the wart is cut off and sent for analysis. The skin is sutured, but this is done with a cosmetic seam, so that the scar is almost invisible.

Laser coagulation. Using a laser, also under local anesthesia, the wart is removed. In the place where there was a wart, there remains a small depression. It is leveled, approximately, in two-three weeks.

Electrocoagulation. Using this method, the wart is cut off with a metal loop, under the current. This allows not only to avoid bleeding, but also to disinfect the skin. Such an operation also takes place under local anesthesia.The crust that remains in place of the wart disappears in about seven days. All these days it can not be wet.

With the help of these methods, specialists will be able to remove a wart on a finger, or on a leg or hand.

How to remove warts using folk remedies

If you need, for example, to remove warts in a child, then for starters, you can try to use traditional medicine. Along with this, immunity should be strengthened, with the help of proper nutrition, vitamins, walks, and so on.

  • Cut the raw potatoes and rub the wart of each of the halves. Many people advise this potato to bury, but if you do not believe in such symbolic actions, then you should not do it;
  • Rub the wart with chalk and sprinkle with it. Next, make a bandage of wool and put it on the wart. Try not to wet the bandage;
  • Several times a day grease a wart with dandelion juice or milkweed;
  • For seven days, apply a dressing with mashed Kalanchoe leaves to the wart daily;
  • Make a tincture of three tablespoons of wormwood (+ a glass of boiling water). Insist should be two hours in a closed container. Do a compress every day;
  • Take a raw onion and place in vinegar for two hours. For the night, tie it to the place with a wart. Do this for several nights in a row.

How to remove warts celandine

Celandine is widely known for its healing properties. And in the first place is the removal of warts using the juice of this plant. Here there are several treatment options:

  1. You will need fresh celandine juice. They should lubricate the warts several times a day. Pre-need warts moisten with water;
  2. Celandine juice is also used along with propolis tincture (10%). Celandine juice and tincture are taken in a ratio of 1: 5. This liquid is wetted, folded in four layers, gauze and applied to problem areas several times a day.

We hope that our article will help you to get rid of warts forever.