How to repair the road?

Patching is the normal global practice of road maintenance and repair. According to modern requirements, the overhaul of the road should be carried out if more than 12% of the road surface is destroyed. This manual describes how to properly repair the road.

Repair technology

Conventionally, road repair technologies can be divided into three groups:

  1. The first group is repair with the use of hot technology, that is, the coating is repaired with the help of hot asphalt concrete mixture. Today it is the most common method, its main advantage is the high strength of coating coating. At the same time, hot technology is highly dependent on the weather and compliance with the process.
  2. The second group includes repairs using cold bitumen-containing mixtures. This technology is not as complicated as hot and can be used almost all year round. But the strength of the coating is 2-3 times lower than that of the traditional, hot method.
  3. The third group is non-traditional mixtures for the road industry.They can be based on cement, polymeric materials, the same bitumen, but in combination with other binders. As a rule, such mixtures are used only in emergency cases or on special sections of routes, for example, on bridges.

Patching of the road

Having the minimum required set of equipment and tools can be well repaired road. First you need to prepare the necessary materials:

  • chaser seams;
  • compressor;
  • jackhammer;
  • road mill (cold mill);
  • vibrating plate or minikatok.

Consider patching the road on the basis of technology using hot asphalt mix. This standard is the most common and time-tested. The process of patching itself goes through several stages:

  1. The first step is to mark the boundaries of the future patch. The border should go over the whole surface, you need to capture at least five centimeters from the edge of the dip.
  2. The future “patch” should not have sharp corners, otherwise it will not last long.
  3. In the case when a pothole occupies more than half of the road lane, repairs are made to its entire width. In this case, the “map” of the repair will have a rectangular shape.
  4. By means of the chaser of seams borders on the necessary depth are cut. As a rule, this is the full thickness of the road surface.
  5. A cutter removes the damaged coating layer.
  6. Use the jackhammer to remove the remaining material.
  7. We spill the bottom and edges of the pit with a bituminous mixture.
  8. The new layer of asphalt concrete mix is ​​laid.
  9. By means of the vibrating plate or minikatka asphalt concrete mix is ​​rammed.

Dirt road repair

Repair dirt road is much easier. On the other hand, as practice shows, for a long time patching of the dirt road is not enough and soon enough you will still have to resort to heavy machinery.

Major damage to a dirt road occurs when it is operated wet. It was then on the road and there are potholes and ruts.

For a partial repair of the dirt road you need:

  1. Be sure to wait until the road dries.
  2. Fill the pothole with gravel, clay, or a mixture of gravel and bitumen.
  3. Tamp the patch with a vibrating plate or minikatka.

DIY road repair

Despite the fact that road repairs are the lot of specialized enterprises,minor defects in the coating can be repaired on its own. After all, it is far from always possible to promptly call a repair crew into the courtyard of even an apartment building.

All materials and tools for the repair of the road are quite available in hardware stores and will never be superfluous in the house. In addition, if you do not promptly repair a small pothole or a crack in the asphalt, in a year you will have to face a serious defect in the coating. And his own strength qualitatively no longer eliminate.

From tools you may need:

  • chisel;
  • a hammer;
  • Master OK;
  • spatulas of various widths;
  • brush;
  • knife;
  • tar gun;
  • tamper;

In addition, we will need materials:

  • tar;
  • sand;
  • bitumen tape or "cold" asphalt.

Coating repair

Damage to the coating, which will have to be repaired, may be of a different nature. The simplest is the crack.

Method 1

To seal the crack you need:

  1. Clean the crack from dust with a brush.
  2. If the crack is deep enough, fill it with sand a third.
  3. Fill the defect with tar using a special gun.
  4. After a quarter of an hour to level the surface with a spatula.

Method 2

  1. We clean the surface, which we will repair.
  2. Take a roll of bitumen tape.
  3. Remove the protective layer and put the adhesive side on the road.
  4. Press tight for a few seconds.

However, these methods are only suitable for patching minor damage, and in the case of bitumen tape, only small cracks at an early stage.

Method 3

If the defect is serious, you have to use the asphalt mix.

  1. Carefully clean the pit, align the edges. They should not crumble in any way. Here will help us chisel and hammer.
  2. Fill the mixture so that it protrudes 3 centimeters above the road surface.
  3. After 5 minutes, thoroughly ram the mixture.
  4. If the pit is deep, it should be covered in two layers. And each layer carefully rammed.