How to replace the timing belt?

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How to replace the timing belt?

The timing belt ensures synchronous rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft in the car's engine. Thanks to this belt, the camshaft rotates at a speed half the speed of the crankshaft.

The timing belt is a flexible and very durable rubber ring, on the inner side of which there are evenly spaced low rubber teeth.

In this article we will tell you how to replace the timing belt in a VAZ - 2109 car equipped with an engine with an injection fuel supply system.

When do I need a belt replacement?

According to the rules of operation established by the manufacturer, the timing belt must be replaced every 50,000 km. However, due to the effects of various adverse factors, the belt may wear out even earlier than this period specified by the factory. Therefore, the timing belt should be regularly inspected to prevent its rupture during the trip.

It should be remembered that a broken belt in the process of moving the car is fraught with serious breakdowns in the engine. In order to avoid a premature, very expensive overhaul of the cylinder head, you need to change the belt in the event that during its next inspection you notice:

  • Heavy wear of teeth;
  • Cracks, bumps or cuts on the surface of the belt;
  • Unraveling its edges and thread that has come out of the edges of the belt.

How to change the timing belt. Instruction

For self-replacement of the timing belt, you will need

  • A new standard belt designed specifically for the car of this model (how to choose it is described in our article Which timing belt is better);
  • Set of wrenches;
  • Mounting or large screwdriver;
  • Special key designed to adjust the tensioning roller.

Operating procedure

Remove the old belt:

  1. Tighten the handbrake and engage fourth gear.
  2. Lift the bonnet, disconnect the power cord from the negative terminal of the battery.
  3. To access the belt, remove its front protective cover. To do this, unscrew the three bolts that hold the cover in place.
  4. Now you need to remove the alternator belt. Do this as follows - loosen the bolt holding the alternator and the bolt located on the alternator adjustment bar, and slide the alternator towards the engine. As a result of this operation, the alternator belt will slacken and can be easily removed.
  5. Next, put the lever in the gearbox in a neutral position and begin to set the gas distribution mechanism on the labels. Turn the crankshaft clockwise until the time when the mark on the flywheel, which you can observe in the clutch cover flap, does not coincide with the average scale division located on the casing itself. In this case, the label on the camshaft pulley must be aligned with the installation label printed on the rear toothed belt guard.
  6. After the gas distribution mechanism will be set exactly on the marks, you can begin to remove the timing belt. To do this, first of all it is necessary to loosen the nut that holds the axis of the tensioning roller. Then the tension roller should be turned to a position in which the toothed belt is weakened as much as possible. Now it can be easily removed from the camshaft gear.
  7. To finally release the belt, it must be removed from the crankshaft gear, and for this it is necessary to remove the shaft pulley. Therefore, at the time you have to leave the engine compartment and with all the tools to move to the right wheel.Timing
  8. There you should jack up the car and dismantle the right front wheel.
  9. After that, turn the steering wheel as far as possible to the right and you will get access to the side shield, which is under the right wing.
  10. Now lock the crankshaft. In order that it does not turn during your work, insert a large screwdriver into the same hatch through which you observed the mark on the flywheel.
  11. Remove the side flap with a captive key on “17”, unscrew the bolt that secures the crankshaft pulley, and remove the pulley.

Now, really, everything has been done so that the worn belt can be easily removed. Remove it and proceed with the installation of a new timing belt.

We put a new belt:

  1. Before starting to install it, clean all pulleys, gears and tensioning rollers from old grease and dirt.
  2. Hold the strap in your hands so that you can see the letters and numbers of the markings on it in the normal position, not upside down.
  3. First, put the new timing belt on the crankshaft pulley and press it to the surface of the gear.
  4. Check again to see if all the adjustment marks match.Timing
  5. Tighten both branches of the belt up and put the leading right branch on the camshaft gear, be sure to check that the check marks on the pulley and the rear cover match.
  6. Put the left side of the belt on the water pump pulley and put it behind the tensioning pulley.
  7. Replace the crankshaft pulley and tighten the bolt securing it.
  8. Using a tensioner pulley, tension the timing belt, use a special key for this.
  9. If you do not have such a key, proceed as follows: there are two holes in the surface of the roller - pick up studs of suitable diameter and insert them into these holes, wedge the rod of a large screwdriver between the studs and, acting with this screwdriver, like a collar, turn the roller anticlockwise. During the rotation of the roller belt will be tensioned.
  10. When the belt is tightened to the desired state, tighten the nut that holds the roller.
  11. Check the correctness of the tension of the timing belt in this way - twoTimingfingers, hold the belt in its free part and try to turn the belt out. A properly tightened belt should turn 90º.
  12. Clockwise turn the crankshaft two turns, check the belt tension and the coincidence of the two pairs of installation marks.
  13. If the tags do not match, you have to remove the belt and do all the work again. If everything turned out right the first time, now you need to finally tighten the bolt on the crankshaft pulley, put on the generator belt, return the generator to its place, adjust the tension of the generator belt, finally fix the generator and install the front protective cover.
  14. And do not forget to replace the side flap and fasten the right front wheel.